The Love Tuner

Whoever knows me even a little bit knows that I am a massive fan of the Love Tuner, the amazing little mindfulness tool, which is a single tone flute that aligns us with the 528 Hz frequency, the so-called Love Frequency. 

Maya Fiennes and The Love Tuner

My story behind the Love Tuner is a very personal one. I met Petra and Sigmar, the founders of Love Tuner a few years ago. I immediately recognized their passion for helping people heal with the power of sound. Of course, I got super excited as that has always been my passion too. It has been my dream to be surrounded with the healing vibration of the 528 frequency, and now they have made it possible as I can wear it on my neck and feel this frequency any time I want.


The Love Tuner - The Love Frequency

Have a look at a chat I had with Love Tuner's Petra about the Love Tuner, what it means to her and how it has changed her life, and can yours also.

It is my wish for all of you to have this gift of healing sound with you and to enjoy it using it in a group or alone. Just enjoy it!

You can get your very own Love Tuner here on my online store.

Wishing you lots of happiness and of course love,

Maya x

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