Maya Fiennes in Here Is The City

Here Is The City and Bravura Coaching, December 2011

Your Skin - Grey or Great? 5 Experts Share Their Must-Know Tips

Maya Fiennes (International Yoga Expert) says: as tempting as it may be to abandon your exercise routine, keep moving! These yoga poses are perfect to get the skin glowing.

1. Ego Eradicator: Stretch the arms overhead at a 30 degree angle for balance, thumbs pointing up and fingers in a fist. Keep your elbows straight as you apply the Breath of Fire (inhaling and exhaling equal amount of air through the nose, just like sniffing). This is the most effective detoxifying breath.

This position stimulates the pituitary gland, opens the heart and strengthens the magnetic field, making you glow. It also aligns the ego with the soul. Thumbs touching each other, release the fingers and exhale.

2. Child Pose: kneel down on the floor with arms along your body behind you, forehead on floor, and chant "ONG SO HUNG" for 3 minutes. This pose fills the cavities with oxygen and clears wrinkles.

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