Maya Fiennes in Love Life

Read Maya Fiennes' interview in the October 2010 article of Love Life.

Maya Fiennes ~ an interview
Lindsay Willcocks

At the yoga studio of Alchemy, in Camden, I arrived early on Monday morning to greet two of my yoga students who were as excited as I was at being in a full on yoga session of Maya Fiennes. We had booked ahead of time, the date was a prominent one in our diaries, we had left early from our homes in Berkshire, each calculating the time and duration of the journey. We did not want to be late. But before to join in and enjoy the session, first a little time with Maya, to talk to her about life and how Kundalini Yoga is the force that is driving her regularly across the world to the UK and back again to southern California, "living the dream", as it is called in the US, by promoting and sharing the wonder of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

A lot has happened to both Maya and myself since we spent time together in Peurto Rica with the launching of The Alliance For The New Humanity in 2003, with, amongst others Al Gore, former Vice-President of the USA. We were a part of the birth of something worthwhile and great through our connection with Deepak Chopra, who announced to me in his office one day, "there is a woman I want you to meet, her name is Maya Fiennes."

This project that struck at our heart strings...

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