Maya Fiennes in Junior Pregnancy

Maya Fiennes in Junior Pregnancy


Ultimate Pregnancy Pampering - One&only Rheeti Rah, Maldives

One&Only Maldives at Rheeti Rah pushes the boundaries of luxury to new levels in the clear, turquoise surroundings of the Indian Ocean. Everyone, from Vivienne Westwood to Alex James of Blur and his yong son Geronimo, have visited. It's a sublime place to head for pregnancy yoga and spa treatments. Maya Fiennes, sister-in-law to Ralph, has set up a Kundalini yoga retreat and says, "Kundalini yoga for pregnancy gives wonderful internal massage to the stomach and digestive system. It also takes away backache and refreshes the spinal nerves. Psychologically, it creates a sense of space in the body and soothes and supports the emotional centre, especially in the area of the navel. It relaxes the mind and frees you from fears regarding the birth." The E'Soa intensive pre-natal facial focuses on relaxing and toning your skin.



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