Release Your Inspiration Through Kundalini Yoga - Maya Fiennes

Lightworker Magazine, September 2010

Do you follow your heart and live an inspired life? Listen to your inner whispers and all your dreams can become reality.

I meet many passionate but frustrated people who never seem to achieve what they are capable of. They have an immense love of life and its possibilities, yet they are continuously disappointed that they cannot manifest them. Others have the opposite problem: they feel tired, impotent and unable to drum up the enthusiasm needed to make a difference in their lives. These problems are normally related to blockages in the second chakra, the Sacral chakra, and once the energies in this chakra are rebalanced with the help of Kundalini Yoga, creativity, inspiration and passion flow with ease in their lives again.

You probably already have a mantra, something you repeat to yourself all day. Since our thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves about the world, help to create our experiences, our mantra shapes our life. In the West, one of our most common mantras is "I don't have time". If you keep repeating it, one thing is for sure: you won't have time. When you wake up, do you take a few minutes to warm up your spine and to sit for a few minutes, meditate and mentally prepare yourself for the day? No, because you have the kids to see to, you have to rush to work, you need your sleep so you stay in bed for as long as possible. You'll have a thousand reasons, but just try getting up fifteen minutes earlier and giving yourself this little gift. Ask your kids to get their school bags ready by the door before bedtime, lay your work clothes out the night before, got to bed fifteen minutes earlier - do whatever you need to do to create space for yourself at the very start of your day, and see how much better, how much more calmly that day unfolds. Take those few minutes to plug yourself into your source, to recharge your batteries, and you will get more done in your day, you'll rush less, and you'll have a clearer idea of what is really important rather than getting tangled up in trivia. You'll create more time.

We are all creative beings, but creativity is something many of us have forgotten to express and we have lost inspiration. Kundalini Yoga can help and by doing the exercises you may start hearing voices within you telling you to buy red shoes and go dancing, to start a journal, buy some watercolours or plant a window box. Whatever your passion, go for it. Give it your love and utter dedication and disciplined focus. Believe in your abilities. Inspiration is not an external force, but a flame that burns within. It makes us feel excited, motivated and limitless. Ideas are the seeds from which our creations evolve and grow. And if we commit ourselves to planting and nurturing them, they will eventually bear fruit. We should be prepared to let some wither and fade too, in the knowledge that others more robust will flower and bloom.

Here are some Kundalini kriyas(exercises) which will help to release your inspiration:

* To become one with the universal forces so that you flow better go into child pose and chant ONG So HUNG in a monotone voice. This will stimulate the pituitary gland and open the vision if you need clarity and want to follow your passion so that your inspirations and dreams come true.
* To balance and rejuvenate the adrenals and build back strength if you are feeling tired, unfocused, or close to burnout sit cross-legged in easy pose and interlace your fingers in front of your solar plexus, with your thumbs up. Now pull your fingers in opposite directions and start the Breath of Fire, breathing in and out hard, like sniffing, through your nose, really pumping your belly. This pose will generate heat and work on the left side of the adrenals. Still in easy pose, follow with Cannon Breath, breathe through the mouth loudly, equal inhales and exhales, keeping the mouth in a firm O shape. This strengthens the right side of the Adrenals.
* For stress release, sit in easy pose with pinkies interlaced and thumbs up, and inhale through the nose in 8 equal strokes and then exhale through the nose in one deep powerful stroke. Repeat a few times.
* To take a more flexible approach to things, to bring inspiration in to your life and to open you up to the abundance all around you lie on the stomach with your forehead on the floor. Interlace your fingers behind your back in Venus Lock (women should have left hand fingers on top of the right hand and men vice versa). Lift your legs and arms, keeping your knees and elbows as straight as possible, and start the Breath of Fire. Tense your buttocks to protect your back. This exercise will stimulate flow in your life so that you find everything you do easier.
* To give you more energy, by flushing toxins and putting pressure on the kidneys, and make you stronger both physically and mentally sit in easy pose, or with your legs out, make fists of your hands then start lifting your buttocks by pushing your fists into the ground and dropping down on to your sitting bones. Inhale as you go up and exhale as you come down. Continue for a few minutes.

To help you learn about yourself and how to break down the barriers to the flow of your inspiration read everything you can from Krishnamurti:

Without love your problems will increase, multiply endlessly. And with love, do what you will, there is no risk, there is no conflict. Then love is the essence of virtue.

By Krishnamurti, 1965

Watch your thoughts, listen to that voice and practise the above kriyas; you will see how this will make you listen more to your own inspirations.

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