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Sat Nam, friends!

I'm still in the gorgeous Crete at my "Yoga for Real Life" teacher training. There are only a few days left till graduation and I feel so happy and also quite emotional! The students are amazing and our time here together has been wonderful and intense and I'll never forget it.

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For today's Mondays with Maya, I wanted to take it back a few weeks to a perfect Saturday afternoon I spent in Santa Monica. I attended a flower arrangement workshop. It was recommended to me by a friend and if you know anything about me by now, you'll know that I love to try new things, so, of course, I jumped at the chance. The atmosphere was wonderful, the flowers were gorgeous and the people were interesting and curious - my kind of people! When we arrived, we were shown the ropes and basically given just one basic rule: Do what you like! That was the only rule! Treat it as an architectural project and create it the way you like it.

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I must admit, those are the kind of rules I like - freedom! No rules or create your own rules. So with that, knowing that basically anything goes, I got into the flow and started creating... Adding, editing, bringing in colorful flowers, branches, and leaves for texture... Fun, fun, fun! It’s just being in a flow and letting yourself be free.

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When I turned around, I saw that everyone’s arrangement was different and you could see everyone's different personality depicted in their creation. Each flower arrangement was unique just like people are. One of the girls there recognized me and was saying how grateful she was for my DVDs and how much they helped her, then she made a joke and said, “I bet you can tell us which of our chakras are blocked just by looking at our flower arrangements!” We all had a good laugh but then... I looked closer at her arrangement and actually started to see the Chakras... I told her few things about herself, and she could not believe the accuracy!

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Then the other girls turned around and started asking me to give them their "Flower Arrangement Chakra Reading" and I kept going and going, and people were astonished at how accurate their flower arrangement reading was! I must admit, I was taken aback too! But thinking about it a bit more, it's quite logical that when carrying out a task involving nature with complete freedom using our own initiative and creativity, our innermost self will come out.   

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It is just amazing how our lives can be creative and healing if we open up to nature - just trusting Her and the messages she has to give us. So watch out for the next Chakra-Flower Arrangement Workshop coming soon! Haha - I joke but you never know! Watch this space... ;)

Lots of love

Maya x

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