How To Get Rid of Sadness - Mondays With Maya

How is everyone feeling on this fine Monday? I hope you're all still motivated to be the best you that you can possibly be! We're continuing in the endeavour to manifest our intentions and this week we're dealing with getting rid of negative emotions. One such negative emotion is sadness.

How to Get Rid of Sadness - Mondays with Maya

We all suffer from sadness from time to time. Whether it's for something serious like a big loss or a set-back, to little things such as feeling left out or lonely, although no one can dictate what is a big or little thing to someone else; we all take and react to things differently.   

Social media can trigger feelings of sadness in a big way because it shows us what we are missing out on, the so-called FOMO (fear of missing out). We may see people who are having fun and going to parties that we were not invited to, we may see people who are having more success in their personal or professional lives and it can create feelings of inadequacy in us which stems from the need to compare ourselves with others. All these things, among other factors of course, can make us take things personally and have intense feelings of sadness which may manifest itself in other emotions such as depression, loneliness and even anger.

So what can we do? I have a little trick. It may seem easy but sometimes we have to take it back to the basics. Whenever you get any negative thoughts that keep popping into your head, you have to shoo it away. Literally, get rid of it. Either out loud or vividly in your head, say: -

"Cancel, cancel, cancel... Go, go, go... Be gone, be gone, be gone!"

In this way, you do not allow negative thoughts to come and to stay. It's a way of training your mind to keep only the good stuff! Let me know how you get on!

Lots of love and positive thoughts,

Maya x

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