Less Stress for the New Year - Mondays With Maya

We're continuing our streak of setting our intentions for the new year. And this week, we're dealing with something that's bothering a lot of us lately: Stress.

Less Stress for The New Year - Mondays With Maya

Here's a great little Kundalini yoga breathing exercise to help you de-stress when you need to. 

  • Inhale/exhale 20 times, rounding the lips breathing in and making a shhhhooo sound as you exhale.
  • At the last exhale, you'll hold the breath for 30 seconds (or for as long as it's comfortable).
  • Then inhale and hold for 10-15 seconds, then exhale.
  • Do 2-3 rounds.

Stress is a big factor in our day-to-day life and can take over if we don't consciously do something about it. I am constantly teaching anti-stress techniques in my classes and have focused on it many times in my book, DVDs, and videos. 

Here are some anti-stress tools you may find helpful.

Maya Fiennes Detox and Destress DVD

My at-home exercise program Maya Fiennes: Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress is designed for persons with all levels of fitness experience - from novices through advanced. The program teaches you to dramatically reduce stress levels and cleanse the body of negative energies, via the use of specially-designed exercises and Indian mantras. Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes is available in my online store, or for my UK or European friends, on Amazon UK.  

Dealing with Stress and Relief in 7 Days, 7 Minutes a Day with Maya Fiennes


This is a total workout to help you deal with relieving stress from the body and mind. In this series, I walk you through improving energy and stimulating weight loss, clearing emotional issues and being able to express yourself, and releasing the stress, tension and heaviness of responsibility from the neck, the shoulders, and the jaw. You'll also learn how to deal with neck issues and calcium levels, how to stimulate the immune system and release stress and balance the hormones with the help of mantras.

Yoga for Real Life Book by Maya Fiennes

In this book, I have a full chapter dedicated to "Detox and De-stress." I show how yoga practice and philosophy can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. In addition to the Detox and De-stress chapter, the other chapters deal with: 'Being Here, Now', 'Self esteem', 'Staying Youthful' and 'Love and Relationships'. Combining poses, breathing, chanting and meditation to give you a full mind-body workout, with recipes, mantras and my own personal story "Yoga for Real Life" is a book for your handbag, your desk, and your bedside table: your indispensable guide to achieving the most from your daily life - for the rest of your life.

I hope you enjoy them!

Love of love,

Maya x

P.S. Don't forget to try out my 7 Minutes, 7 Days, 7 Weeks of Mindfulness and Yoga with Maya Fiennes programme and connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where I'll regularly share free yoga and breathing tips and inspirations from around the world!

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