Living Libations - Mondays With Maya

Hello everyone!

I had the pleasure of visiting my good friend Nadine Artemis on her amazing lake house in Canada and we talked about everything from her inspirations to essential oils. 

Mondays with Maya - Living Libations

It's so fulfilling and important to go with our heart and follow our dreams. My motto is: -

"Do what you love
Love what you do
Make your vocation a vacation
Do it with passion and kindness and create your Heaven!"

Life is beautiful, so make sure you are out there making the most of it and enjoying it to the full. One of the exercises we did was so simple and fun that even a child can do it. In fact, they most often to! Have a look and try it out!


Isn't that fun? Give it a try! And remember...

Life is Beautiful

For more information on Living Libations and the amazing products it offers, have a look at my dedicated Living Libations page in my Maya Recommends section. 

Lots of love,

Maya x

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