KundaDance Teacher Training

Maya Fiennes

The KundaDance online teacher training course is finally here! Learn this unique and vibrant style of yoga from the comfort of your own home and become one of the first ever KundaDance teachers!

Once you have completed the online course, you will be a certified KundaDance teacher and will be able to teach it anywhere in the world. It's an easy online course and you can do it within a few hours. You don't even have to be a yoga teacher in order to qualify; anyone can do it! 

To qualify and get your KundaDance certificate, after following the online course and studying the manual, you will send a video of yourself teaching KundaDance to Maya for review, and then we'll send you your certificate at the address you provide.

This Program Includes a comprehensive training manual, the official KundaDance music, and three training videos:

Kunda Dance Intro (30 mins)

Learn about this transformational kundalini yoga dance class through the explanation of chakras and energy shifting, yoga, dance, and the inspiration behind this unique and healing workout. Begin the journey here to live your life with passion and excitement, manifest your desires, follow your heart, and live your personal truth.

Kunda Dance Masterclass (60 mins)

In this 60 minute masterclass Maya will take you through a liberating dance yoga workout and a spiritual journey featuring all original music composed by Maya. With benefits including liver detox, stress release, increased flexibility, and fat burn, this class will get your heart pumping at times, and then shift the energy so you can begin to release all that does not serve you.

Kunda Dance Tutorials (60 mins)

Each of these 7-minute dance movement tutorials correspond to each chakra from the root to the crown. She will take you through breathwork and movements to help release the negative aspects of that chakra and invite in positivity - and it's a great cardio workout.

For you, the yoga instructor or group fitness instructor, KUNDA offers a whole new practice you can introduce to your students. We are so excited for you to join us!

For more info and videos of KundaDance in action, click here.

Please make sure you read the KundaDance Terms & Conditions.