Total Reset

Maya Fiennes

In this class we will focus on the vagus nerve - this is the longest nerve in body. It travels all the way from the brain to the reproductive organs- it’s like a highway it carries info from the brain into all the organs and then sends info back to the brain so the brain knows how to fix things- how amazing is that!

Vagus comes from the latin word for traveller.

It is so important that we preserve and look after the vagus nerve. It goes through the entire chakra system - once again we come back to the chakras - which is what all my work is about. Once you understand the system of the chakras it sorts out the whole body… I’ve seen so many benefits from working with chakras.

Once you get alignment with the chakras then your body and your organs are strong and you achieve your ultimate health, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally!

This class includes mantra, pranayama movement and other tips and tools to look after your vagus nerve.