Maya Fiennes "Love Now" Kundalini Yoga Retreat, Gloucestershire, UK, October 2017

Come join our cosy little English countryside retreat in the gorgeous Hilles family house, where we'll practice Kundalini Yoga for opening up the heart, eat freshly-prepared vegan meals and take walks in the fresh air and greenery that Gloucestershire has to offer. This is the perfect retreat for you to come with a partner/friend.


When: 26-29 October 2017
Hilles House, Gloucestershire, UK
Price: $1,200 per person (shared rooms), all-inclusive (3 vegan meals per day)

In this unique location, the Maya Fiennes "LOVE NOW" Kundalini Yoga retreat in this gorgeous family house will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other while practicing yoga and opening our hearts to the abundance that life has to offer. It's a cosy one-of-a-kind retreat, without the feel of a traditional hotel, but rather a warm, close-knit family experience, full of love and laughter, spectacular views, great company, and delicious vegan food and wine! The house has a wonderful energy and everyone reports to sleep really well. 


About the Location

Hilles House stands majestically on the edge of Gloucestershire’s rolling Cotswold hills, proudly surveying five counties from its breath-taking promontory. Perched in its own romantic ‘Avalon’ of gentle hillocks, the house is flanked by generous lawns on both sides and bordered by great yew hedges, dry stone walls and carefully tended flower and shrub beds. The house sits in its own private estate comprising 700 acres. The house is the home of Detmar Blow, who bears the same name as his grandfather, the celebrated Arts & Crafts architect. The building (constructed between 1914-1916) is in so many ways, the ‘great work’ of the elder Detmar Blow, whose many projects exemplify the style and new ideas of the time and of his friends and colleagues, who included the legendary William Morris and John Ruskin.

The house was built upon Fabian principles borne of the famed Fabian Society which promoted the ethics of an egalitarian life for all, through improving social justice, establishing a universal health-care system and reforming imperialism. Detmar’s partner, filmmaker Martha Fiennes, says of Hilles, ‘I have got to know this house by living here through the seasons and have seen the different way in which the light works in the house; each room has an entirely different quality, and the whole house has an extraordinary magnetic draw. When it was originally built out on its promontory it was an act of daring that I think still thrills to this day. It is certainly a house that requests vision and creativity from the people who visit and live there - and what is most interesting to observe is that largely speaking this is exactly what it has done’.

Address: Hilles House, Sevenleaze Lane Edge, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL6 6NN

Getting there: The nearest airport is Bristol Airport and you can take the train from there to Stroud. If you are coming from London by train, you need to take the train from Paddington Station (which is on the “Circle” tube line) to Stroud. Sometimes you may have to change trains at Swindon, it depends what train you take. The journey takes 1.5 hours with no changeover, and almost 2 hours, if you have to change at Swindon. We can arrange for you to be picked up from Stroud station if we know your arrival time, otherwise, there are taxis at the station. The drive from Stroud to Hilles House takes 15 minutes.

If you are driving from London, take the M4 out of London and past Heathrow airport. Drive for approx 80 miles (2 hours). Come off the M4 at Junction 15 (Swindon) and take the A419 towards Cirencester. At Birdlip, (after approx half an hour) turn left and come off the A419 and head towards Cranham. There is about 15 minutes of cross country driving after that. It is most ideal to use a smartphone with the post code GL6 6NN punched into it but if you do not have a smartphone or GPS, we can supply you with more detailed old-fashioned driving directions!

Hilles House estate sits on the western escarpment of the Cotswolds in the country of Gloucestershire, postcode GL6 6NN. It is five minutes drive from the picturesque Cotswold village of Painswick, 15 minutes from the beautiful market town of Stroud, 15 minutes from the cathedral city of Gloucester, 25 minutes from the elegant Regency spa town of Cheltenham, one hour from the celebrated Georgian city of Bath and one hour from the Majestic university cities of Oxford and Bristol.

Retreat Program

You'll arrive on Thursday 26 October in the morning, and we'll start our first class in the afternoon at 5:00-6:30pm. On each of Friday 27th and Saturday 28th October, there will be 2 classes of 1.5 hours each, one in the morning and one in the evening. On the last day, Sunday 29th October, we will have a morning class before you leave. The lesson program is as follows: - 

“Love has no limitations, Love has no measureTime and space can not touch it, Fear and hatred can not break itThe POWER of LOVE.”

A workshop about opening up the heart to receiving love.


This is a workshop about EXPRESSING yourself! It relates to the throat chakra. The center for the expression of creativity, communication, and speaking the truth. It’s a total workout to help you deal with relieving stress from the body and the mind, improve energy levels, stimulate weight loss, clear emotional issues, releasing the heaviness of responsibility that we carry on the shoulders and neck.


This workshop is about stimulating the pituitary gland that balances all our hormones. This stimulation will be sending electrical impulses to the brain, engaging the optical nerves which will create anti-depressive chemicals. All this will clear anxiety and negative thoughts, worrying about the future and will clear foggy brain. Once we become neutral and judgment free, only then will we be HAPPY. The so-called “Happy Hormones” are established. This will give you strength to be more decisive, open and able to expand your horizons.


A workshop dealing with opening up the heart chakra, which is one of the most effective ways of attracting love, using mindful breathing to solve some of our day-to-day problems and to fill ourselves with love! Learn how to open up the heart to receiving an abundance of love! 


In the LOVE NOW workshop, we learn how to attract love and feelings of love by using the power of NOW. Getting into the mindset of, "What do I LOVE NOW?" Using the manifesting of our intentions to remind ourselves to think about what we "Love Now", in this moment, and not only when things are going smooth sailing. The trick is to love all that is in front of us; not later when things are fine but LOVE NOW!


Payment info:

The price is $1,200 per person (most rooms are shared) and the rooms which you can choose from (on a first come, first served basis) are as follows: -

1. The Primavera

On the first floor, lies this glorious room which houses a large four-poster double bed, which has housed royalty in the past, and comes with a handy sink in the room. There are 2 side-by-side bathrooms nearby. This room is suitable for couples or friends coming together and is offered only for 2 people.

2. The "RED" Room

Another glorious wood-paneled room on the first floor, with a grand four-poster bed and the same 2 side-by-side bathrooms as above. This room also has a sink in it, traditional English style. This room is suitable for couples or friends coming together and is offered only for 2 people.

3. The Sasha

A smaller bedroom on the first floor in lovely English decor with a comfortable single four-poster bed, suitable for someone who would like to stay alone and enjoy the quiet that the English countryside has to offer.

4. The Attic East

This is a special, sweet and cosy bright attic room on the second floor, with an elegant half four-post bed, and a lovely gabled window view over the front lawns. Outside the room is a private staircase to take you down to the first floor bathrooms, or you could walk down the hall to use the bathroom on this floor. This is a single room for someone who would like to stay alone.

5. The Attic West

Another cosy attic room, with a beautiful view across the lawn and to the west country and Wales beyond. It has a simple bathroom right next door and is on the second floor. This is a single room for someone who would like to stay alone.

6. The Nursery

The Nursery is a very large room on the second floor. It's split between two levels and has 3 beds in it. This room is based on 3 people sharing a room. The room is very large so there's plenty of space for everyone!



On the first floor, there are two side-by-side bathrooms and both have a bath, loo and sink. There is also a separate loo nearby on this floor. The Helga is the only room with its own bathroom. On the attic floor, there is one bathroom which has a bath, loo and sink. 

Kitchen, etc.

This price includes your stay and three delicious vegan meals per day per person. This includes good interesting freshly prepared and cooked in-house vegan meals, cooked by a chef to the stars, Genevieve Frosch, catering for special dietary needs and French wine. Also, tea and coffee, fruits and snacks, served during the day.

Places are limited so hurry! Reserve your spot today!

What To Bring

Here is a list of things you should bring with you.

For the workshops: -

  • Your yoga mat
  • Mat towel (if required)
  • Any other yoga equipment you require
  • Suitable yoga clothes
  • A thirst for yoga and learning!

For the venue: -

  • Comfy clothes for yoga
  • Good mood
  • Manners
  • Warm clothes! (The house will be heated and hot water bottles will be provided to warm the beds as is typical in English country houses, but please do cater for the quintessential English October weather when packing your clothes! You could also bring dressing gowns or house coats for traveling between the bathrooms.)


Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable. The price does not include your flights or your travel to and from the venue. It is your responsibility to book your flights/travel and make sure that you have arrived, checked-in and are at the venue on time for the beginning of the first lesson on 26 October 2017. Check-in is on 26 October 2017 at midday. The last day of the retreat is 29 October 2017 and check out is at 2 pm. Kindly arrange your travel accordingly.

Testimonials for Previous Retreats/Events with Maya Fiennes

"Maya Fiennes is a force of nature. Her down to earth and simple approach to yoga is built on many years of study and personal practice. Her teachings are based on the very best techniques for the physical as well as the spiritual side of yoga, unlocking its secrets to create life changing experiences for her students throughout the world. Her methods are based on using the 7 Chakras to identify what blockages her students are experiencing and finding the best yoga practice to address them. Maya believes that our bodies hold the keys to our success and can also set our limitations. Working with the Chakras to decode what our bodies tell us and putting together the answers to unlock our ultimate potential is Maya’s specialty. That is what sits at the heart of her philosophy, her passion, her Yoga for Real Life.”

"After a wonderful eleven days with Maya in London, I simply cannot adequately express the effect Maya’s teaching, her amazing energy and personality have had on my life. Nor can I find the right words to adequately express my gratitude for her choosing to be alive at the same time as me! I have been shaken and stirred and I am so enjoying the cocktail of music and exercise, mantras and study. I am loving the new stronger me and the effect it is having on my nearest and dearest - that is the awesome bit. Thank you so very much for all the loving energy you put into the preparation and delivery of your wonderful, healing, strengthening, awakening, intuitive, exciting teaching. I have learned so much from Maya; I could not have a more inspirational teacher."
-Cherry C.

"Maya is so inspirational and a joy to be with. I'm so glad I picked Maya's course over the others I was looking at as her style suits me perfectly."
-Beth M.

"Maya Fiennes really has created a Yoga For Real Life. She is amazing and inspiring. She takes so much knowledge and makes it digestible and applicable to the everyday person. It’s like a manual for getting balanced within the human body and focusing the mind. And it’s tangible!  Maya is amazing. She really knows how to guide people into their greater self and stay there."

Places are limited so hurry! Book your spot today!