Activate Your Power Points With Kundalini Yoga With Maya Fiennes

We dream of a perfectly balanced life yet exist in a society that imposes impossible demands and pressures. We strive to be wealthy, healthy, happy and successful in both our work endeavours and social lives but for most of us the day-to-day stress of modern living is difficult enough. We fill our minds and hearts with so much information and emotional luggage yet the more we try to give meaning and value to our lives, the more we obscure the goals we set out to achieve.

We exist as shadows of our potential selves, unaware that we are out of sync with the Universal life force, the infinite fountain we must feed from to make the transition. If we can connect to this source and embrace its energy we will begin to engage living on a deeper, more fruitful level.

This is what the Power Point philosophy sets out to achieve. Based on an ancient yogic technology, the Power Points are the set of seven hidden energy nodes within the body. Each point corresponds to a set of organs which in turn govern key attributes of human nature; Courage, Creativity, Willpower, Love, Trust, Wisdom and Bliss. If we learn to activate the Power Points we can ‘plug in’ to the boundless core energy that the universe offers us.

Kundalini and The Matrix

maya fiennes power points


The Power Point technology is based on the science of Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga is often described as ‘the mother of all yoga’. It is the only branch of yoga that is truly able to address our emotional and spiritual needs as well as our physical wellbeing. We will need wellness in all these areas to reach our true potential.

Power Point also draws on the philosophy of the film The Matrix. Although it was created as a piece of entertainment The Matrix is actually a brilliant distillation of many bold and relevant metaphysical concepts dating back to the Gnostics.

In The Matrix it is revealed that the world we live is in fact an illusion: a massive computer simulation, a virtual reality that on the surface supplies us with all our needs but which in fact denies us free will and the right to reach our true power and potential.

The Blue Pill or The Red Pill?

maya fiennes power points

Neo, the hero of the Matrix is shown the uncomfortable truth and needs to make a choice between continuing existence in the mundane virtual world, apparently comfortable but actually a prisoner in a digitally manufactured dystopia, or to take the brave step towards revealing his true humanity and the power this will give him.

This is the conundrum that Power Point offers when you commit yourself to finding the truth. Will you take the blue pill and stay with the restrictions of your enforced ‘virtual’ reality or will you take the red pill, reach out, connect your power points to the source and become what you were destined to be?

Once we learn to use the Power Points our minds are no longer dominated by the superficial background ‘noise’ that our ego-driven nature has created. The imbalance and disharmony so prevalent in daily living are washed away and replaced by inner peace and freedom. We are ready to become our true selves. With the Power Points, like Neo, we can indeed become masters of our own destiny.

The Seven Power Points

The first three Power Points, which make up the base lower triangle and focus on elimination are:

1st point : Courage

2nd point: Creativity

3rd point: Will power

The fourth power point connects the lower and the upper parts:

4th point: Love

The upper part triangle points are:

5th point: Trust

6th point: Wisdom

7th point: Bliss

The First Power Point: Courage

The 1st Power Point is located at the base of the spine and is the centre of our re-generation and our creativity. It stores our vital force, stimulating all the cells in every part of the body. It is concerned with basic security, Courage, survival and existence. It represents our image of self, of our presence on earth and is full of all our experiences, particularly those of early childhood.

The First Point functions are very important in our modern life, surrounded by pollution and chemicals it is essential for our survival to eliminate those toxins throughout the 1st Point, the anus and large intestine. If the First Point is unbalanced and blocked it can manifest as addiction, distrust, fear,insecurity, selfishness, low self esteem and constipation. When this Point is balanced it can manifest as valuing one self, Having courage to handle life circumstances with ease, being centred, secure, loyal, grounded, stable and eliminating regularly.

Second Power Point: Creativity

The 2nd Power Point , located half way between the pubis and the navel, is the centre of our Creative power,emotional nature, our desired body. It is the seat of our subconscious and it is closely linked to the First Point . Our past life traumas as well as our negative experiences from birth to the early twenties are stored there and particularly the ages between 8 and 10.

When this Point is blocked all repressed negative emotions such as anger, guilt, shame, resentment, jealousy which are stored there could create hurtful behaviours, affecting our health through the liver, pancreas, spleen and all glands regulating our metabolism, digestion and immunity.

The combination of creativity and passion found in the 2nd Point is one of the reasons we see temperamental personalities of artists. Also the attitude we have towards money is linked to the 2nd Point. When balanced money flows in our lives easily. When this Point is blocked, or unbalanced, it can manifest as sexual perversion, shallow relationships, shame of the body or sexuality, impotence, frigidity, urinary problems and lower back pain. When it is unblocked, balanced, it can manifest as genuine intimacy, mature relationships, creativity, passion for life, willingness to share, patience, positive relaxed attitude to sexual functions.

Third Power Point: Will Power

The 3rd Power Point is ‘the will of spiritual power’ and with it comes choice, action and vitality . In this Point we explore personal power: is it to empower oneself or is it to have power over others? That depends if the third Point is balanced or not. The person centered in this Power Point , needs to achieve something and make their way in the world. They will utilise their own will to manipulate or inspire others in order to do so. It is located in the area of the navel point, solar plexus.

The organs and glands connected to it are: Navel plexus, liver, gall bladder, spleen, digestive organs, pancreas and adrenals. When it is blocked or unbalanced it can manifest as anger, greed, shame, despair, obstacles everywhere, not enough strength and spontaneity, conforming in order to be recognised, problems with digestion, the liver, the gall bladder and the pancreas. When this 3rd Power Point is balanced it can manifest as will power, commitment, self-esteem, identity, strength for inner balance, inspiration and good health, leadership skills.

The Fourth Power Point: Love

The 4th Power Point is located in the centre of the chest,the heart, the Thymus gland. It is the seat of our source of caring, intuition, compassion and unconditional love. This is where the opening of higher consciousness takes place, awakening from” me “to “ we “, from finite to infinite.

When this Power Point is blocked/unbalanced it can manifest as attachment, dependent on love and affection from others, questioning the existence of love, fear of rejection, passive aggression, loneliness, grief, heart and lung problems. When this 4th Point is Blocked, your rib cage is out of placement. Then the diaphragm doesn’t act right and you’ll lose one third of your life force. When it is unbalanced you will give to those who don’t deserve it and share with those who do not want it. When this Power Point is unblocked/balanced it can manifest as humility, unconditional love for all, seeing God in all, harmonious relationships, acceptance that all is as it should be, compassion, kindness and forgiveness.

The Fifth Power Point: Trust

The 5th Power Point , located at the the top of the breast bone, the throat, is the centre for the expression of Trust and communication. How I express myself, the power of the word, communication, speaking the truth, the Teacher. It influences the thyroid gland which affects the balance of the entire nervous system, metabolism, muscular control and body temperature. The 5th Point must be cleared in order to express your potential.

When blocked/unbalanced it can manifest as: Shyness, frustration at inability to express yourself, voice, throat, neck and thyroid problems, insecurity, fear of other people’s opinions and judgements, lethargy, cunning and speaking too bluntly. When unblocked/balanced it can manifest as: Always voicing the truth, honouring the word, authenticity, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively, inspiring, teaching and embodying God’s will.

The Sixth Power Point: Wisdom

The 6th Power Point is located in the middle of the forehead, just above the space in between the eyes. It is the centre of wisdom , perception and vision. The Pituitary gland, master gland, is located here and it is here that you reach integrity and integration of personality. It is from here that you get the sense of intuition and the direction you want to take in life. It is here that major channels of energy come together, the positive sun and the negative, the moon energies. It is the eye that goes beyond the second eye. The second eye gives you dimension in the normal world and the third eye gives you depth and dimension in the subtle worlds.

The person centred in the 6th Power Point will see things differently, will have insight, intuition and will find clarity and focus. When this Power Point is balanced it can manifest as: Developed intuition, Wisdom,inner knowledge, clairvoyance, visualising, fantasising, concentration and determination, power of projection and understanding one’s purpose. When the 6th Point is unbalanced it can manifest as: Confusion, depression, rejection of spirituality and over-intellectualising.

The Seventh Power Point: Bliss

The 7th Power Point is located at the top of the head, it is the seat of the soul, the centre of perceptions, all dimensions and all forms of being. “ We are One.” Bliss, Enlightenment. The gland connected to this Power Point is Pineal gland . This Power Point is associated with cosmic sound, like the sound of the gong. If you listen to the gong carefully as it cascades into crescendo, all the nerves are stretched to their limit. The pressure of the sound gives a chance for the body, mind and spirit to merge and become one with the infinite. You have the choice to let go and surrender or to contract and pull out of the experience.

The 7th Power Point has the key characteristic of surrender, Bliss, the humility that fills you as you bow before infinity. That is one of the reasons that so many traditions use the act of bowing. The top of the head, the Crown, is brought all the way to the ground, so the blood circulation and Prana becomes focused at the 7th Point , stimulating the Pineal gland and the person is given a new purpose of openness and strength (experience of the Divine) so that you flow spontaneously in rhythm with the Universe. When blocked it can manifest as: Fear of death, grief, doubt and denial of the spiritual existence. When unblocked it can manifest as: the experience of ALL as ONE, bliss, Samadhi, unity, enlightenment, relationship with the unknown.

Exercises and Mantra for 5th Power Point: Trust

The 5th Power Point, is your voice, is the Power of expression, the Power of the word, communication, speaking the truth. It influences the thyroid gland which affects the balance of the entire nervous system, metabolism, muscular control and body temperature. When this Power Point is unbalanced it can manifest as: Shyness, frustration and inability to express yourself, voice, throat, neck and thyroid problems, insecurity, fear of other people’s opinions and judgments, gossiping and speaking too bluntly. When balanced it can manifest as: Always speaking the truth, honoring the word, authenticity, knowledge and ability to communicate effectively, inspiring, being grateful and receiving the voice within.

Here are 4 poses for this power point.


archer pose kundalini yoga maya fiennes

Stand with the right leg bend forward, and the left leg straight back with the foot flat on the ground at a 45 degree angle.

Raise the right arm parallel to the ground, pull the left arm back with curled fingers and thumbs up, as if pulling back a bow and arrow.

Eyes are open focusing on the right thumb.

Hold the position with long deep breathing through the nose for 3 - 5 Minutes on each side.


frog pose maya fiennes kundalini yoga

Come into squatting position with hands on the floor and heels touching.

As you inhale straighten the legs and lift the hips high as you exhale come back into the squatting position with face forward.

Repeat 26 times.

Breathing is done through the nose.

The Frog Pose is excellent for the prevention of breast and prostate cancer. It is also good for circulation and stimulation the creative energy.


trust pose maya fiennes kundalini yoga

Sit on your heels, extend your arms with palms facing down. Let your head drop back and look up. Begin Breath of Fire ( sniffing through the nose equal amount of air) and carry on. Being in this position might bring out fear that we all hold in the neck area.

Just trust the process and keep breathing through. It’s excellent for increasing your sensitivity to speak the truth.


saa taa naa maa maya fiennes

Close your eyes and sit in a easy pose (cross-legged position). Move your head back as you loudly say SAA. Forward as you say TAA . Left as you say NAA. Right as you say MAA. Carry on 3 - 5 Minutes. This is a powerful active meditation, which represent the circle of creation. From the Infinity SAA, comes Life TAA,death NAA, and rebirth MAA. It’s stimulating thyroid and parathyroid gland to improve your power of communication.

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