Inner Journey Retreat with Maya Fiennes

A Holistic Wellbeing Retreat at “Es Racó d´Artà”, Mallorca Island

With acclaimed “Yoga’s Messiah” Maya Fiennes & Nutritionist Gemma Bes

Organized by: @soledadbescos

Thursday, July 8th 2021
Arrival from 4pm

Sunday, July 11th 2021
Check out from 12pm

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About an Inner Journey Retreat

Es Racó retreat is all about holistic meaningful wellbeing experience.

A multi-sensory journey to flow back into a natural relaxed state. Awaken your essence and listen to your higher self again. Reunite with the experts and find answers to your questions through creative explorations, – curated for the conscious and modern human being.

A multi-sensorial experience to

release limitless love

express yourself

feel happiness

release fear

and vibrate with creative dancing


We create a contemporary retreat to feel safe and indulge in a magical experience with extraordinary people and surroundings.


The classes will be taught by Maya Fiennes, an internationally renowned yoga teacher and acclaimed author and musician.

Maya is the founder of KundaDance®, the latest wellness trend which helps release your stress to leave you feeling energized. It’s a conscious exercise that aligns your chakras using easy movements in combination with Qi gong and Thai chi and high frequency healing music that is specifically composed by Maya herself to release the stress in your body and let your mind remain fully alert.

She had produced over 20 DVDs and CDs and authored “Yoga for Real Life”, which empowers people to tap into their potential of self-healing through mindfulness and meditation. She had also developed “The Maya Fiennes Method” which helps her students to transform their lives and find their path to freedom from fear, anxiety, and stress. She holds regular retreats, events and teacher training courses around the world where she works with small, select groups.

Longtime friend, Deepak Chopra, says, I have known Maya for many, many years. She is an extraordinary human being full of vitality, creativity, and enthusiasm. She’s also one of the best yoga teachers in the world and her specialty is Kundalini Yoga. I have experienced it myself, I have seen others benefit from her, it is an extraordinary experience.”

Surrender to that part of yourself and let it be a catalyst for deep nourishment, knowledge and rejuvenation.


Maya will offer a total of 5 sessions

2 on Friday

2 on Saturday

1 Sunday morning


The Power of Love
Our first class will combine a variety of asanas, breath work, and creative dance movements to focus on opening our heart chakra, so that we can expand and release limitless love.  


Express Yourself

This class will open the throat chakra, the center for expressing creativity, communication, and speaking our truth. This total workout will release stress from body and mind, improve energy levels and stimulate weight loss while helping to clear out emotional issues and releasing the heavy weight of responsibility we carry on our shoulders and neck.



This class focuses on movement, breath work and asanas to stimulate the pituitary gland, helping balance hormones and send electrical impulses to the brain, engaging the optical nerves and creating anti-depressive chemicals. The movements will help clear anxiety and negative thoughts, releasing worry about the future and clearing foggy brain by releasing “happy hormones,” creating the opportunity to be more decisive, expansive and open to what the world has to offer.


Releasing Fear

This class will be a total body workout using asanas, creative dance and breath work to eliminate fear from every cell of our bodies. Through special movements we will shake loose the fear that gets stuck in our cells’ memory, creating old blockages, and thereby creating space for happiness and joy.



Our last class will be 50 minutes of KundaDance®, a fun, uplifting, creative dance that is high-intensity cardio. This fast-tempo workout combines powerful asanas, breaths and movements to shake away insecurities and bring more energy and vibrancy to your cells and to your life.

Nurturing & Gastro-experience

The preparations of food and drinks will be in the great hands of Gemma Bes. She’s an experienced sport nutritionist and dietitian.
Specialized in Ayurveda medicine and psychoneuroinmunology.
Treats interactions between the behavior and the sistema: nervous, immune and the endocrine.

Founder of Nutreatude and Ametlla+ de Mallorca.

The menu would be mostly vegetarian and expect market-fresh island ingredients. Also gluten-free food.




Zero-kilometer suppliers.

Local, organically produced products.

We work with people full of ancestral wisdom who take care of our gardens and our fields in an ecological way.

Organic garden.
More than 200 fruit trees.
1200 olive trees.
20 hectares of vineyards.
Aromatic and medicinal plants.

You will enjoy different tasteful culinary creative workshops as:

How to take care of our digestive system: Practical workshop

The importance of probiotics: Ferments workshop

Anti-inflammatory oils for cooking at home made with Es Racó plants with therapeutic properties.

Energetic balls, natural isotonic drinks for sport and smoothie to remove heavy metals


Today, Es Racó belongs to two Mallorcan families, who have turned the place into a heaven of infinite peace and calm.

It covers more than 200 hectares of land that you can explore through exclusive routes.

The beach of Cala Torta is the nearest one, it is 7,8Km away and it is accessible by car, on foot or by bicycle.

Es Racó d'Artà is located in a natural environment just a few kilometres from the authentic village of Artá.

Artá is located in the centre of a large valley and presided over by the Sanctuary of Sant Salvador, this Mallorcan town has become the choice of many visitors who seek to discover paradisiacal coves, dreamy landscapes, nooks and crannies that invite you to relax, silence and calm... The perfect place from which to discover the real Mallorca.


Es Racó is an amazing concept on the outskirts of Artá, at a distance of 2.3Km from the centre.

Settled by a Berber clan, the Ait Iraten. Later in 1229, James I conquered Mallorca and his knights received title to all the possessions, including Es Racó. In 1230, the farm was granted to the Catalan family of the Rossells.

The old crops are reborn in the present. New olive trees are taking over from the old trees planted by the Berbers. Hectares of vineyards cover the needs of the guests along with horticulture, which again supply the people of the place.


This treatment is performed in pools and allows you to enter a deep state of relaxation.

Get to know the exclusive therapeutic treatments with the best relaxation techniques and a wide variety of massages.

All the products are organic and respectful of nature. Unique products you won't find anywhere else on the island.

Facilities: indoor pool | jacuzzi | sauna | turkish bath relaxation area | meditation area

What else?

We will take you to one of our favourite wild beaches, Cala Torta, for the KundaDance® experience and basket picnic.

Es Racó want to turn every stay into a complete experience, that is why they have created a unique space where you can lose track of space and time.

At the water area release all tension with Watsu®. It results from the union of two words: Water and Shiatsu (ancient Japanese technique that supports healing processes).


What’s included?

Accommodation at Es Racó with access to the private terraces, gardens, pools and the 200 hectares of land of property.

Daily yoga classes and meditation sessions

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner home cooked

An adventurous hike and KundaDance® experience to the beach with picnic

All creative workshops

Acces to Spa. Treatments not included


All beds are king size, 2 x 2 meters.
If needed can be separated in two single beds of 1 x 2 meters.



Double occupancy -- 2.640 EUR per person

Single occupancy -- 3.800 EUR



Double occupancy -- 3.050 EUR per person

Single occupancy -- 4.650 EUR


Double occupancy - 2.050 EUR per person

Single occupancy - 2.650 EUR



Double occupancy - 2.100 EUR per person

Single occupancy - 2.750 EUR


How to book

Check availability via email:

We strongly recommend to confirm your reservation by payment. Because we only have a very limited amount of spots, please note we hold a first come, first serve policy and only once we have received your payment, the reservation is confirmed.

Remember you can ask us anything, so do not hesitate to contact us.



Any cancellation must be made in writing to the Reservations Department, indicating the reason for the cancellation.

A reservation requires a deposit of 30% of the total price.
The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.
The rest of the payment 30 days before arrival.
Unable to travel due to COVID-19?
If your government closes its borders, you are able to transfer your deposit to the next retreat in 2021, as long as this transfer is requested up to and no later than 4 weeks before the retreat starts.
If Spain closes its borders and the hotel must cancel a retreat you may transfer your payment to another retreat in 2021.

How to get there

Travel to Es Racó is not included in the retreat price. We’re located at a 60 min drive from PMI airport. We will share the exact location once you have signed up.

We highly recommend getting a rental car. They are affordable and you will have the freedom to drive out to town or the beach during free time periods. A taxi costs about 70-80 EUR per ride from airport.


We will also support in any question.

For more information and reservation: