KundaDance Teacher Training

22nd January

KundaDance® is a fun, uplifting, liberating dance yoga workout and a spiritual journey featuring exclusive music composed by me!

Begin your KundaDance® journey now and live your life with passion and excitement, manifest your desires, follow your heart, and live your personal truth!

This creative movement class combining Kundalini Yoga, Thai Chi and Qi Gong. It takes you on a journey through the chakras actively aligning your body, mind and spirit. Benefits include liver detox, stress release, increased flexibility, and fat burn. This class will get your heart pumping at times, and then shift the energy so you can begin to release all that does not serve you.

Join this growing MOVEMENT - Energise, Inspire and Uplift yourself and those around you!!

Mayas Mastery Retreat

25th June - 2nd July


In a very special monastery that has been restored into a beautiful space for transformation.

Maya’s purpose is to elevate and bring participants into a frequency of Gratitude and receiving and meet the Divine! If you are ready for that this is a very special opportunity to be part of this process .

This will be a small and exclusive group and this is your special invite! This retreat will sell out fast so don’t delay and book your spot.


*Limited places 16 people max

Yoga For Real Life 200HRS TT 2022

18th March - 20st June


Join me on an adventure that begins on the Spring Equinox and ends on the Summer Solstice.

We will use these 90 days or so to join the Sun and build to the longest day of the year.

This course is a mix of live streamed and pre recorded content. You will receive a comprehensive training manual and assessment will be through continuous homework assignments, teaching practicals, final essay and exams. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals and anyone who completes this Teacher Training course will become a Certified Yoga Instructor, qualified to teach Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life."

This year I will have a fantastic team of specialist teachers joining me to facilitate some of the modules.


Yoga Retreats

All Maya's retreats can be enjoyed by every level of experience. Each retreat event is carefully designed by Maya to allow you to take time out from your everyday life, treat yourself to beautiful surroundings and likeminded people and explore the many facets of Kundalini yoga. Maya's care, energy, and creative talent make each event a special and life-affirming experience, which will not only enrich your understanding of Kundalini yoga, but also inspire you to use this knowledge to improve or balance your own life.  

Maya has no in person retreats planned for the next few months due to the Coronavirus situation. Maya is working on lots of exciting projects and retreats for the future so do sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know: SUBSCRIBE NOW!

You can join Maya on the virtual mat every week for Access Joy and Kundadance classes. Sign up HERE!

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Sat Nam


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