Maya Fiennes "A Journey Through The Chakras" Kundalini Yoga Workshop, Norway, 30-31 May 2018

Come join our 2-day chakra-cleansing workshop in Norway on 30-31 May 2018

In this unique location in Norway, the Maya Fiennes "A Journey Through The Chakras" Kundalini Yoga workshop will be an opportunity for us to get to know each other while practicing Kundalini yoga to cleanse the chakras and bring in some positive momentum. 

Address: Lokstallen Stjørdal, Gamle Kongeveg 2A, 7500 Stjørdal, Norway (view on map).

Getting there: The venue is located just north of Stjørdal station, with easy access by train, bus or car. Lokstallen has parking facilities south of the building, and at Byggmakker. It is 6 minutes by car and 16 minutes by train (which departs every 20 minutes) from Trondheim Airport Værnes. 

Workshop Program

The lesson program for the 2-day workshop is as follows: - 

DAY 1 - 30th May 15:00-20:00

We will be working on unblocking the Root, Sacral, Naval, and Heart Chakras.

DAY 2 - 31st May 15:00-19:00

We will work towards unblocking the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown chakra, and finish off with some invigorating KundaDance!

Payment info:

  • The price for both days is 2 900 NOK
  • The price for one day is 1 800 NOK
  • Registration is made via the official registration page.
  • The payment is non-refundable.
  • If you have any queries, please send an email to at KUNDALINIYOGASOUND.
  • Places are first-come-first-served - please keep in mind that places for an event like this get filled up quickly.

What To Bring

Here is a list of things you should bring with you to the workshop.

  • Your yoga mat (if traveling from abroad, we can provide you with a yoga mat - please let us know in advance)
  • Mat towel (if required)
  • Blanket (or two)
  • Any other yoga equipment you require
  • Suitable yoga clothes
  • A light snack (we will serve tea and fruit)
  • A great attitude!

Testimonials for Previous Events with Maya Fiennes

"Maya Fiennes is a force of nature. Her down to earth and simple approach to yoga is built on many years of study and personal practice. Her teachings are based on the very best techniques for the physical as well as the spiritual side of yoga, unlocking its secrets to create life changing experiences for her students throughout the world. Her methods are based on using the 7 Chakras to identify what blockages her students are experiencing and finding the best yoga practice to address them. Maya believes that our bodies hold the keys to our success and can also set our limitations. Working with the Chakras to decode what our bodies tell us and putting together the answers to unlock our ultimate potential is Maya’s specialty. That is what sits at the heart of her philosophy, her passion, her Yoga for Real Life.”
-Susan B. 

"After a wonderful eleven days with Maya in London, I simply cannot adequately express the effect Maya’s teaching, her amazing energy and personality have had on my life. Nor can I find the right words to adequately express my gratitude for her choosing to be alive at the same time as me! I have been shaken and stirred and I am so enjoying the cocktail of music and exercise, mantras and study. I am loving the new stronger me and the effect it is having on my nearest and dearest - that is the awesome bit. Thank you so very much for all the loving energy you put into the preparation and delivery of your wonderful, healing, strengthening, awakening, intuitive, exciting teaching. I have learned so much from Maya; I could not have a more inspirational teacher."
-Cherry C.

"Maya is so inspirational and a joy to be with. I'm so glad I picked Maya's course over the others I was looking at as her style suits me perfectly."
-Beth M.

"Maya Fiennes really has created a Yoga For Real Life. She is amazing and inspiring. She takes so much knowledge and makes it digestible and applicable to the everyday person. It’s like a manual for getting balanced within the human body and focusing the mind. And it’s tangible!  Maya is amazing. She really knows how to guide people into their greater self and stay there."

Places are limited so hurry and book your spot!