Maya Fiennes "Yoga For Real Life" Kundalini

RYT200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
4-28 June 2018 in Greece

This program is right for you if:

  • You are ready for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for transformation
  • You are finally ready for your life to change for the better and become what you've always wanted
  • You want to have a fun, uplifting, and energizing adventure
  • You want to learn the basic principles, philosophies and teachings of yoga
  • You want to learn how to teach yoga safely, knowledgeably and confidently
  • You want a good understanding of your body, mind, and emotions, and to learn how to heal yourself and others
  • You LOVE the idea of supplementing your training experience with relaxing activities like swimming and hiking and spending time with like-minded people

For some people, yoga is about fitness and for others it is about spirituality... For Maya, it's about Real Life. This program has been specially designed to be more than just “learn how to teach yoga.” This is a transformative experience that WILL change your life!

"Maya Fiennes really has created a Yoga For Real Life. She is amazing and inspiring. She takes so much knowledge and makes it digestible and applicable to the everyday person. It’s like a manual for getting balanced within the human body and focusing the mind. And it’s tangible! Maya is amazing. She really knows how to guide people into their greater self and stay there."

-Leilainia, student of the Maya Fiennes 2017
"Yoga For Real Life" Teacher Training

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"Yoga For Real Life" Teacher Training Testimonials

"Kundalini yoga and doing the training with Maya has changed my life, it has given me a focus. I am now able to make plans for the future, plans that I am excited about and I feel that my future is clear. My mind is kinder and softer and I feel I have forgiven the past. I am happy to be with myself and appreciate every moment with my family, knowing how precious every minute is and how a situation can change in a heartbeat. I feel energized, more alive happier, calmer and healthier. I am accepting of myself, feel more in balance."

"These past weeks have taken me to the most incredible journey of self-realization. The more I learned about Kundalini technology the more I could put the pieces of my puzzle together. I had a blast teaching the exam class! I knew at that moment I want to teach Kundalini yoga for the rest of my life! Finishing this course has come full circle for me. I do not regret not graduating before because I didn't know better at the time, but receiving my Kundalini yoga certificate during graduation and knowing what it took for me to get to this point meant the world to me."

"I definitely feel I have the permission I was looking for to pass on my knowledge of yoga from someone who I admire and have learned so much from; Maya. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and confidence she has provided me with. She really does make the beautiful practise of Kundalini Yoga accessible to us in our 'real' lives, and I feel totally competent to guide people through this practice, with joy, enthusiasm and laughter! As an extra bonus, I have met 16 phenomenal women. We have shared a transformational experience, each of us built up by the others."
- Jo

"With Kundalini Yoga, I feel that I hold an instrument in my hands which helps me in almost everything. Whether it is a mental or physical problem, Kundalini Yoga has one or more exercises for everything. The time during the Kundalini Teacher Training was extremely instructive in every respect, it was exciting, beautiful... I learned a lot from Maya and am very grateful. Our group was a phenomenon. We understood, helped and encouraged each other very well and were close from day one. It felt as if Maya had brought together a group of women who'd already worked together in other lives or on different levels."