Maya's Schedule

Thank you for taking an interest in classes, lessons, workshops and events with me! Many events, retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings are currently being arranged so sign up to the newsletter to be one of the first informed as soon as they are arranged! All my events are listed below, alternatively, you can go to my dedicated Kundalini yoga teacher training and retreat pages for more info.

Yoga Retreats and Workshops with Maya Fiennes * Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training With Maya Fiennes

Studio Surya Yoga

1501 Main Street

Venice Beach CA 90291


From 6-8 pm I will be doing kundadance followed by sound healing with Alessandra Montana

“Come and experience a unique union of Kundadance and sound healing “..with Maya Fiennes and Alessandra Montana


Certified Teacher Training - 3rd to 27th May 2019

Recently Completed Events with Maya Fiennes