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"Thank you for taking an interest in classes, lessons, workshops and events with me! Many events, retreats, workshops, and teacher trainings are currently being arranged so sign up to the newsletter to be one of the first informed as soon as they are arranged! All my events are listed below, alternatively, you can go to my dedicated Kundalini yoga and KundaDance teacher training and Event/Retreat pages for more info and to come and spend some time with me...

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All my events, retreats and Teacher Trainings can be enjoyed by every level of experience. Each event is carefully designed by me to allow you to take time out from your everyday life, treat yourself to beautiful surroundings and like-minded people and explore the many facets of Kundalini yoga.

I take great care, energy and abundant creativity to make each event a special and life-affirming experience which will not only enrich your understanding of Kundalini yoga, but also inspire you to use this knowledge to improve or balance your own life.  

I am currently working on the 2nd half of 2019 and all events for 2020 and will publish them all here as soon as you can book them!

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