Meditation With Maya

 Welcome to Meditation with Maya. I am very excited to share with you my tips and perspectives on meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is, in essence, the practice of focussing one's mind for a certain fixed period of time, in absolute silence or with the help of chanting or narration. Another way of looking at meditation is, that it's trains your mind similar to how you train your body with exercise. It helps to cultivate emotional stability allowing you to experience thoughts and emotions while being aware and in control of them as opposed to them taking over.

Benefits of Meditation

The practice of meditation has been linked with many benefits - stress reduction, concentration, decreased blood pressure and so many more. Many studies have been conducted revealing the positive effects of meditation. Meditation has been known to improve concentration and memory and provide emotional equilibrium. Meditation can help with health and healing, not only on the body but with illnesses that specifically target the mind such as anxiety and depression. The benefits of meditation on sleep and insomnia are unmatched with people singing its praise after only one session. 

Meditation for Beginners

You can start meditation at any time in life, in whatever shape or emotional state you are in, and you can be sure that it will help you. All you need is to find a comfortable seated position and to learn a few basics. That's what I'm here for! Every week I will provide you with meditation techniques, tips and tricks to help you get the best out of your meditation. 

Meditation Techniques

There are many different meditation techniques and I'll aim to show you all of the most efficient ways to meditate to deal with various aspects and problem areas you may have. Techniques include mindfulness meditation, walking meditation, concentration meditation, meditating with mantras and other aspects of your meditation practice such as cultivating a daily meditation practice and the old Buddhist favourite, cultivating compassion. 

Meditation Videos

Here on Meditation With Maya I will be providing weekly meditation videos where you can come and meditate along with me. Have a look at my meditation for opening the heart video to get you started.

Meditation Music

I consider myself first and foremost a musician, and then a yogi with a love and passion for Kudalini yoga and meditation. In light of this, I have created music which is ideal for meditation and yoga. Check out my singles Love Now and Bliss, here

Last but not least, we must remember that meditation is a very personal journey and there is no right or wrong way to do it. The most important thing is to start building up your own practice at your own pace and specifically for your particular needs. The joy at being able to create your very own special space where you can unpick everything going on inside of you is a magic experience that is very personal to you. It may bring up emotions that you didn't even know you had, but it will surely also give you the tools to deal with them. I am excited that you are taking you meditative journey with me and would love to hear how you get on.

Above all, enjoy the process.


Maya x