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Maya is Teacher Training for most of May 2019 and will be doing a series of visits and private workshops and retreats. As more workshops are scheduled, they will be listed here! Please check out our Schedule page to see what other events are happening with Maya in the coming weeks.

Sunday Retreat Day with Maya Fiennes

Fringe - Epping, UK

Fringe Epping

Sunday 28th April 2019 - 10 - 5pm

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We are so pleased to welcome Maya Fiennes back to fringe.Epping for this exclusive immersion which can be booked separately or as a whole weekend option. Sunday will be packed with a day of inspiring workshops: ‘Stress Less’ retreat afternoon will be an equity of ‘why do we waste so much time focusing on stress?’. ‘Elevate, Meditate and Celebrate’ retreat afternoon will give you the rituals of self care to ensure you stay elevated, and the evening will be Maya’s KundaDance method facilitated by Kat King, which will take you on a journey through the Chakra’slets bring the joy back to your life! Sunday 28th April ‘Stress Less’ 10.00am-12.30pm ‘Elevate, Meditate and Celebrate’ 1.00-5.00pm ‘KundaDance’ 5.30-7.00pm

‘Stress Less’ with Maya Fiennes - Epping  with Maya Fiennes

SunDate: 28/04/2019From: 10:00 - 12:30

Why do we waste so much time focusing on stress? In this beautiful afternoon retreat, Maya will use her unique Kundalini method which consists of; Kundalini Kirya’s, Qi Gong, Thai Chi and active mediation’s all of which give you tools to use in your everyday life.

‘Elevate, Meditate and Celebrate’ with Maya Fiennes - Epping  with Maya Fiennes

SunDate: 28/04/2019From: 13:00 - 17:00

Bring the joy back to your life with Maya’s infectious and uplifting energy. She will teach you how to raise your vibration, creating a protective shield to cloak your own inner light. Expect a fun filled journey which will provide you the ability to delve into your Self and hold on to the brightness you discover.

‘KundaDance’ with Kat King - Epping  with Maya Fiennes

SunDate: 28/04/2019From: 17:30 - 19:00

Maya Fiennes KundaDance method facilitated by Kat King will take you on a journey through the chakra’s, alongside specially composed music by Maya, a live DJ, and a celebration on reaching the crown chakra. Join us for the party!


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31st May 2019


Yoga Conference

Pullman Cologne
Helenenstrasse 14
50667 KOELN

Maya Fiennes Presents a Kundalini Yoga Workshop


10:00 - 12:30: Feeling stuck?
If that’s what you are feeling, then this workshop is for you…
This is a sequence of exercises specially designed to strengthen and tone your stomach area. This is an opportunity to challenge yourself to make significant changes in your life. You will be more aware and have courage and confidence to deal with life challenges. The drama that you had in your life and the obstacles you had before will disappear because your centre of manifestation is open and as a result you will not feel stuck anymore.

14:00 - 17:30 Are you surviving or thriving and is stress tuning your life?
We all experience stress in one way or another in all aspects of life but lots of people don’t even recognize that stress is running and ruining their lives. In this set, we will clear the clutter and the stress in your life so that you feel full of energy and recognize that every day is a special day full of joy and laughter. Now, that will become your norm.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Maya Fiennes is back at YogaMana!

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LA yogi Maya Fiennes will this time offer one of her all time most popular workshop “Transform Your Om” at YogaMana October 13th. This workshop is based on Maya’s magical Kundalini method. A method that has helped people all over the world to bring joy and happiness into every day life. Talk time on this self care Sunday to surrender yourself completely, immerse yourself in her teaching and as you receive these blessing the shifts will start to happen. Maya will use kundalini yoga, her deep knowledge and her amazing spirit always shared with love, laughter and fun!

On October 12th Maya is offering you to become on of the worlds first KundaDance teacher. More info here.

Maya is an extraordinary musician, composer, yogi and travels the world facilitating retreats, live performances, and teacher trainings as well as workshops. She is the author of “Yoga for Real Life”, founder of “KundaDance” as well as “the Maya Fiennes Method”.

This workshop can be enjoyed by every level of experience and will be held in English.

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