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2 Day De-Stress Detox Program

2 Day De-Stress Detox Program

Maya Fiennes

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We all want to know how to deal with stress - it is a big factor in our day to day lives we are always stressed about one situation or another!  We can feel like we are being chased by a lion 24/7 and stress can take over if we don’t consciously do something about it!


 *If you often feel completely overwhelmed, anxious, tired or snappy

*If you worry constantly or feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done

*If you have difficulty with even the most basic decisions

*If you feel like you are running on low

….then this 2 Day DE-STRESS DETOX is for you!!

When we are in a stressful situation the body has a surge of stress hormones racing through it  - your heart pounds, breathing quicken, muscles tense and beads of sweat appear! This combination of reactions to stress is the "fight-or-flight"mechanism and for thousands of years it has helped humans find an extra boost of energy to fight back in dangerous situations or run away from that lion! The thing is your body can’t tell whether your stress is due to a lion chasing after you or just a looming work deadline so - we end up being in fight or flight most of the time and this chronic activation of the fight or flight survival mechanism is not good for our health!

In this detox program we will detoxify and strengthen the adrenals and kidneys – our bodies first line of defence against stress induced illness.

We will make delicious detox food, along with nourishing smoothies and juices to support us during the process.

There will be live classes combining Kundalini Yoga with calming Qi Gong to support the kidneys and adrenals, plus pranayama and mantra to calm your mind and release the stress!

Kundalini Yoga and Chi gong are super effective at rebuilding strength in the adrenals and helping us cope with stress better!

Nothing will be difficult or challenging  THIS DETOX PROGRAM IS ACCESSIBLE TO ALL – so share it with anyone you know who will benefit – friends, family and work colleagues!



*Improve your resistance to stress.

*Cleanse the body of negative energies

*Teach you effective stress busting tools

*Calm your Mind

*Relax the ADRENALS and Bring Strength back to them





  • 2 DAY RECIPE JUICE AND SMOOTHIE MENU for STRESS REDUCTION – each day there will be different REVITALIZING recipes



  • 2 hour class with me. Classes will include Kundalini Yoga, QiGong, Pranayama, Mantras and Meditation specifically for RELEASING STRESS!

After this detox you will feel UPLIFTED and CALM and much more able to deal with the stresses of day to day life! 


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