2 Day Liver Detox Retreat Program

Maya Fiennes


25th - 26th October

9-11am PT time / 5-7pm GMT time

In this 2 day detox, we will discover simple, safe, and effective ways to help your liver do its job better - and support your overall health in the process. 

I have completed numerous 10 day water fasts over the last few years and I have come to the conclusion that a gentle cleanse with juices and healthy foods is more beneficial. 

I dedicated my time to prepare this detox program, carefully choosing the recipes for juices and food and classes to teach for the best benefit for all. This is a very easygoing program!!
We will make juices that are easy to make, and the classes consist of accessible exercises, breathing techniques, mantras, and all done with laugher and fun. My approach to life is to have JOY and PASSION then we LET THE LIVER LIVE!


- PDF including 7 of Maya's 'go-to' delicious detoxing juice recipes along with her top liver cleanse recipes, plus lists of permitted foods for the detox!

- 2 x 1 hour classes with a focus on Liver Cleansing and also clearing negative emotions, plus BONUS 1 hour video!

- 1 hour Kundadance program to complete every day for the 2 days - this is so great for weight loss!!


Prerecorded videos are available for 2 weeks after the program ends.