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3 Day Gut Detox Program

3 Day Gut Detox Program

Maya Fiennes

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3 Day Gut Detox Program 

Most of us will have been guilty of over-indulging a little at Holidays and our gut will have been working overtime in breaking down the overload of food and drinks. It will be missing the nutrients and high-fibre foods that they rely on to function optimally. 

On my new detox we will be teaming plant-based meals, kefirs, smoothies, broths, and supplements with energising yoga and meditation specifically for good gut health!

Did you know that your gut is home to millions of good bacteria which together are known as our microbiome.

These good bacteria are super important and involved in controlling everything from our weight, to our blood sugar, to various stomach and gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune diseases, and even anxiety and depression. A healthy gut also increases the quality of your sleep and reduces stress. They don’t call it the second brain for nothing!! Another interesting fact is that a huge portion of our immune system is in our gut, and it’s health depends on what kind of bacteria live there.

The type of bacteria we have here depends on what we eat and people who have more of a plant-based diet have a much healthier gut bacteria and therefore a stronger immune system. It’s important to try and limit processed foods, fast foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners as these really have a negative effect on our microbiome.

On this cleanse we will eliminate all of this!

I have dedicated my time to preparing this detox program, selecting the recipes for the menu and devising classes to optimise gut health. This is a very easy to follow programme with amazing health benefits.

We will make recipes that are delicious and easy to make, and the classes consist of accessible exercises, breathing techniques, mantras and all done with laugher and fun. Nothing is too extreme, heavy or difficult. 


- 10 of my delicious detoxing recipes (You will have 3 per day) and a lists of permitted foods for the detox 
- My gut health tips
- 3 x 1 hour classes with a focus on Gut Detox 

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