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Maya Fiennes

3 Day Sleep Better Program

3 Day Sleep Better Program

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Sleep is super important for our wellbeing. If our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies don’t have enough rest we can’t function properly, our adrenals go into overdrive, our whole body is misaligned, the chakras are not corresponding to each other and the vagus nerve is not functioning well.

On my Sleep Better Program, I will be sharing my top tips for better sleep along with a menu of plant-based meals, fermented foods, smoothies and supplements specifically for improving sleep. PLUS there will be pranayama, yoga, and meditation specifically for improving sleep quality! 


You will learn all about the Science of Sleep - including the best ways to support your circadian rhythm, the harmful effects of blue light and how to create a better sleep environment. 



 - Three day MENU for SLEEPING BETTER – each day there will be different recipes including smoothies, soups, salads and meals.

- MY DAILY BETTER SLEEP RITUALS and TIPS - I  have so many to share with you!

- DAILY - 3 hour class will include Pranayama, Yoga, Mantras and Meditation specifically for SLEEPING BETTER!

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