DVD: A Journey Through the Chakras With Maya Fiennes 3: Wisdom and Bliss


A Journey Through the Chakras With Maya Fiennes 3: Wisdom & Bliss DVD is the third DVD in a 3-part series:

1. Creativity, Courage & Willpower

2. Love & Truth

3. Wisdom & Bliss.

Chakras are energy centers which absorb life force or prana from the Universe, and are distributed through the body's energy channels, or nadis, to the nervous system, endocrinal glands and circulation system. In Wisdom & Bliss you complete your journey as Maya guides you through the Kundalini Yoga practices for Chakras 6 and 7. These upper Chakras correspond to the subtle realm.

Please note that these DVDs are available in NTSC format for the US. 

Take a look at the Maya Fiennes DVD page for more Kundalini Yoga DVDs.

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