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3 Day Adrenal Detox Program

3 Day Adrenal Detox Program

Maya Fiennes

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Based on the huge success and demand from the last retreat 2 weeks ago, The Liver Detox… I decided to do another one and here it is!!!!!


3 day Adrenal Detox Retreat Program

In this 3 day detox we will discover simple, safe and effective ways to cleanse the adrenals …

The adrenals are 2 glands on top of the kidneys and they are working so hard for us all the time. When you are feeling tense or anxious, your body remains in a constant state of heightened alert and because of this your adrenals over produce hormones, cortisol and adrenaline day after day and our sympathetic nervous system is in over drive and this can lead to adrenal gland fatigue or burnout!

In this programme we will rest the adrenals and give them the support that they need. This is the perfect time as we are still in lockdown and we can devote ourselves fully to this detox.

We will follow the same formula as in the Liver Cleanse with:-

Daily one hour yoga session - Strengthening the adrenals mentally, physically and emotionally with yoga classes to get the stimulation going and lots of energy then we will go into specific sets for strengthening the adrenals each day

- Introduction to cold water therapy and oil pulling – both wonderful techniques to support us on this detox and for general wellbeing

- Easy to follow a menu plan and a variety of juice and health tonic recipes. A PDF of the ingredients and recipes so you can get all the ingredients in for the meals and juices…

This adrenal detox will energize, inspire, and uplift you!
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