KundaDance Teacher Training with Maya Fiennes in Clapham, London

Maya Fiennes

KundaDance Teacher Training in Clapham, London

Date: 3rd March 2019


The KundaDance teacher training course with Maya Fiennes is finally here! Learn this unique and vibrant style of yoga with Maya Fiennes herself and become one of the first of a fast-growing number of KundaDance teachers worldwide! Once you have completed the course, you will be a certified KundaDance teacher and will be able to teach it anywhere in the world. It's an easy, one-day course and you don't even have to be a yoga teacher in order to qualify; anyone can do it!


To qualify and get your KundaDance certificate, after following the course with Maya and studying the manual, you will send a video of yourself teaching KundaDance to Maya for review, and then we'll send you your certificate at the address you provide.

For you, the yoga instructor or group fitness instructor, KundaDance offers a whole new practice you can introduce to your students. We are so excited for you to join us!


KundaDance Teacher Training
110 York Road
SW11 3RD

9am - 3pm


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