"Living with Joy" Workshop with Maya Fiennes in Maryland - 30 September 2018

Maya Fiennes

"LIVING WITH JOY" Workshop with Maya Fiennes, in Bowie, Maryland on 30 September 2018, 9am-3pm

Come to this quaint little location in Bowie, Maryland, and learn how to bring more joy into your life in this "Living with Joy" workshop with Maya Fiennes. Learning to live your everyday life with joy is something that everyone should strive to do in order to make every single day happy, joyful, and stressfree! If this is something that speaks to you, then this is not one to be missed!

This class focuses on movement, breath-work and asanas to stimulate the pituitary gland, helping balance hormones and send electrical impulses to the brain, engaging the optical nerves and creating anti-depressive chemicals. The movements will help clear anxiety and negative thoughts, releasing worry about the future and clearing foggy brain by releasing “happy hormones,” creating the opportunity to be more decisive, expansive and learn to Live with Joy!

We will also enjoy an invigorating KundaDance lesson together as part of the workshop. You don't want to miss it!

Address: Imagine Yoga & Wellness Center3120 Belair DriveBowie, MD 20715, tel. 443-510-6308

Getting there: Click here for information about how to get to the venue.
We will also get to enjoy our lunch together at 1-2 (you can either bring your own or get it nearby) while mingling and getting to know each other.

Payment info:

  • The price for the workshop is $120
  • To register, book your spot here (add to cart).
  • The payment is non-refundable.
  • If you have any queries, please send an email to info@mayafiennes.com.
  • Places are first-come-first-served - please keep in mind that places for an event like this get filled up quickly.

What To Bring

Here is a list of things you should bring with you to the workshop.

  • Your yoga mat (if traveling from abroad, we can provide you with a yoga mat - please let us know in advance)
  • Mat towel (if required)
  • Blanket (or two)
  • Any other yoga equipment you require
  • Suitable yoga clothes
  • A great attitude!


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