Maya Fiennes "Sadhana" - Music Album

Maya Fiennes

"SADHANA" is music for Sadhana practice, a very important and sacred practice in the world of Kundalini Yoga. Sadhana will intentionally bring up, from within you, all energy that needs to be cleared, leaving you feeling awake, clear and ready for the day.
Sadhana is a time to experience the Chakra sets and begin your day in the best way possible. 
Sing along to the Mantras while getting yourself ready in the morning or performing chores before you start your day. It is important to allow time for yourself to be able to give your best effort to others. The mantras can be sung or listened to if you need to prepare for your day ahead.


  1. Ek Ong Kar
  2. Guru ram das
  3. Mul Mantra
  4. Rakhe Rakhanhar
  5. Sat Siri Siri Akaal
  6. Wah Yantee
  7. Wahe Guru

Please note: This is a downloadable MP3 album and not a physical CD. You may have to download it on a PC first and then transfer to your phone or music device.