New - A Journey Through The Chakras 7: Bliss

Maya Fiennes

This is a guided practice to clear and open the seventh chakra. 

Chakras are energy centers which absorb life force or prana from the Universe, and are distributed through the body's energy channels, or nadis, to the nervous system, endocrinal glands and circulation system. In "Bliss", Maya introduces you to the crown chakra, part of the "upper triangle", and shows you a new Kundalini Yoga practice for this chakra. 

This class is a complete workout to help you deal with feelings of loneliness and sadness. It will also help you with aura clarity. In this lesson, Maya walks you through how to produce endorphins and serotonin for happiness, providing oxygen to the body and mind for clarity in making the right decisions, stimulating the pineal gland for more serotonin production, how to feel relaxed and awaked and to learn to appreciate the peace and quiet. You'll also learn how to shift the energy of depression and feeling lost which can correlate to clear skin, how to create melatonin for quality of sleep and the immune system and breaking fears and paranoias, chronic exhaustion, and finally promoting inner peace and calmness.

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