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Online Class Videos: 6 Videos Bundle

Online Class Videos: 6 Videos Bundle

Maya Fiennes

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This bundle includes 6 online class videos: 


Anxiety No More!

We need to learn acceptance - to accept the situations that we cannot control…. the only thing you can control is how you react to what is happening. You can either be angry and get upset or you can stay still and in your own peace. In this class, we work on techniques to dial down anxiety, panic, and stress and to ultimately heal your addiction with anxiety!


Make Your Desires Real

The one thing that is crucial in manifesting is to cultivate the energy of what you want to bring about- Manifesting really does happen on an energetic level! In this class, we will connect deeply within, and get clear on what we are wanting to call into our life... and then really embody that so we can take aligned action!!


Aligning To What Is 1&2

In the first part, I will show you 3 different positions for each chakra, we will assess where we are at with it and what is happening and then two different fixes - so how to fix that chakra. Second part of this powerful Align to What Is’ set - we work on aligning chakras, 4, 5, 6, and 7 in this class - journeying through the heart and into the more spiritual Upper Triangle. 


How To Manifest

This powerful class combines Kundalini Yoga and Qi Gong, it works on raising energy from the lower chakras up to the heart and the higher energy centres, with particular focus on 3rd chakra for will power and also 6th chakra - when these two centres are open and working together you can manifest anything! 


Change Your Beliefs 

This powerful class is all about transformation! We will put a stop to the subconscious tape we have running our lives. We will connect with our conscious mind and change our belief system of who we are and what we are…

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