Sadhana Session Live With Maya Fiennes

Maya Fiennes

This is a guided Sadhana practice, a very important and sacred practice in the world of Kundalini Yoga.

Yogi Bhajan says that in Kundalini Yoga, we awaken every morning "with Sadhana, which means ‘spiritual practice’, a daily activity to intentionally clear the consciousness. Between the hours of 3:00-6:00 am, Earth is very quiet, the rays of the Sun pass at 60% and you feel relaxed. You are literally breathing with the energy of ‘awakening’. It is imperative to connect with this energy first thing in the morning, starting your day in the frequency of the Infinite. Sadhana will intentionally bring up, from within you, all energy that needs to be cleared, leaving you feeling awake, clear and ready for the day."

Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life" recommends a Sadhana as a way of becoming in tune with your inner rhythms and to find time for yourself. While the traditional method as told by Yogi Bhajan is appropriate for Kundalini instructors, "Yoga for Real Life" respects that we all have commitments and may not have the time to dedicate two full hours of practice every morning. However, to become in tune with yourself and yoga, you can try to complete at least a portion of the yoga postures and mantras every day for yourself. Sadhana is a time to experience the Chakra sets and begin your day in the best way possible. 

This is to awaken your Kundalini energy and to feel the transformative elements of the yoga and set up your day in the most positive way.

Sing along to the Mantras while getting yourself ready in the morning or performing chores before you start your day. It is important to allow time for yourself to be able to give your best effort to others. The mantras can be sung or listened to if you need to prepare for your day ahead.

This one-hour Sadhana will help you make this a regular habit and you will feel the benefit of Sadhana immediately.