Yoga For Real Life 200HRS TT 2022 ONLINE - 6 Installments PAYMENT PLAN

Maya Fiennes

There is a time to rest, a time to play and a time to LIVE YOGA.

Yoga is more than your daily practice.

It is the gentle background to all that you do.

The essence of the poses show up all day long, something like 

Downward Dog Dishes, 

Laundry and Shavasana,

Cooking and Tadasana,

This is Yoga For Real Life.


Join me on an adventure that begins on the Spring Equinox and ends on the Summer Solstice. We will use these 90 days or so to join with the Sun and build to the longest day of the year.

This is the perfect time of year to CELEBRATE your GROWTH and REBIRTH – THE NEW YOU!

Last year forced us to slow down and go inside.

Now let’s find out what is there, learn how to mine what is inside, to go outside, with joy, into the beautiful unknown and our new normal.


On my Yoga for Real Life 200hrs Teacher Training you will learn:

- Kundalini Yoga

- Tai Chi / Qi Gong

- Meditation

- Pranayama

- Mantra

- Energy Healing

- Daily Sadhana Practice

- Anatomy and Physiology

- Yoga history and Philosophy


My YOGA FOR REAL LIFE 200HRS Teacher Training will give you the tools to make a difference in your life and then make a difference in other peoples lives too.

Join me on this journey and I promise to empower you with wisdom and to support you to keep that great big beautiful heart open all day long. 

Together we can do something really special and it’s the little things that we all do that make a huge difference on this planet.

Join me, learn to Live Yoga and build a more rich, nourishing and beautiful life.


This course is not just for people wanting to teach– it is for people wanting to learn and grow – it is a deep transformational journey. 


This course is a mix of live streamed and pre recorded content. You will receive a comprehensive training manual and assessment will be through continuous homework assignments, teaching practicals, final essay and exams. The course is certified by Yoga Alliance Professionals and anyone who completes this Teacher Training course will become a Certified Yoga Instructor, qualified to teach Maya Fiennes "Yoga for Real Life." All students can apply to get Student Membership to Yoga Alliance during training and this can be upgraded to full membership once they are certified. Upon completion, you will be eligible for the Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designation from Yoga Alliance Professionals.


*Payments to the 200HRS Teacher Training are nonrefundable but can be transferred to any of Maya’s other offerings ie future TT’s or retreats.

Please contact my team at if you have any queries and they will be happy to assist.

*An administration fee of 90$ is applied for this payment plan