Preferred Teachers


Beth Morgan

Manchester, United Kingdom

Beth trained with Maya on her training course in 2015. Based in Manchester she runs regular classes/events and hosts ‘Be The Light’ yoga/wellbeing retreats in locations around her homeland - Wales.

Beth’s offerings are heavily influenced by Nature and the Celtic Wheel festivals (Equinox, Solstice etc) - she believes that connecting more deeply to nature and the seasons creates a more graceful ease and flow in your own life. Her retreats are a nourishing blend of Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Nidra with an emphasis on mantra, pranayama and ritual.

Beth will help you move past fear, anxiety and stress to create a radiant life of balance, ease and joy!

Jo Pirie

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Jo has been practicing Yoga from a very young age, thanks to her yoga teacher gran, who trained in the 70’s.
Having a busy career as a filmmaker meant it was only ever a hobby, until 2021 when Jo became part of Maya’s class of 21’.
After discovering Kundalini in 2008 and experiencing the major benefits of both Kundalini and Kundadance, throughout the difficult times of 2020 - Jo trained as a teacher, to enable her to share this unique and beautiful practice with others.
Qualified and trained by Maya to teach both yoga and Kundadance.

Lucy Teear

Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Lucy trained and qualified with Maya in June 2021.
She’s a qualified detoxification health coach and advanced iridologist who incorporates “Kundalini for Real Life” into her coaching programs. Tailoring specific programs to her clients’ health issues and needs.
Lucy also runs retreats and workshops throughout the UK, focusing on protocols to remove toxicity and replacing deficiency, using kundalini yoga and natural principles adopted by the longest-lived cultures “The Blue Zones”
Lucys’ programs are designed to enable you to thrive, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Suzana Balaš

Bratislava, Slovakia

Music and dancing is something that gives me so much joy, happines and freedom.I am a passionate gardener and jewelry maker. With love I spread my knowledge about plants and help others to make their own garden in small places. I am making unique handmade jewellery for women’s and beautiful gemstones Malas.

Through Maya I discovered and fell in love with ‘Yoga For Real Life’. I teach both Kundalini yoga & Kundadance in Slovak and Serbian languages from last year.

My classes and workshops are designed to help women’s find lost part of their femininity. We cray, smile and heal together with love and self acceptance.

Nicola Roberton

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom

Fulfilling a decade-long dream that was sparked when she first experienced one of Maya’s DVDs, Nicola trained and qualified with Maya in 2021.

Nicola has a joyous and open-hearted spirit and creates an uplifting space for her yogis. As a teacher, her deepest wish is to be able to show people a path of healing and peace through the wisdom and power of Kundalini yoga. As she discovered herself, just add the yoga, and the rest will follow.

Nicola runs retreats, workshops and classes from her calm and airy barn deep in the Oxfordshire countryside, and at other venues in the area.