Fashion & Yoga

Are you ready to embark on a journey that harmonizes your inner tranquility with your outer style? Welcome to a one-of-a-kind experience that seamlessly combines the world of spiritual fashion and the art of yoga.


Is a fun, uplifting, liberating dance yoga workout and a spiritual journey featuring exclusive music composed by Me! Begin your KundaDance® journey now and live your life with passion and excitement, manifest your desires, follow your heart, and live your personal truth! You can choose KundaDance course online, or you can go with prerecorded KundaDance Shape Up + Shake Up program:

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Detox Programs

This exhilarating and inspiring detox retreats are packed full of powerful new exercises, mantras, music and recipes!

Learn how to calm your nervous system, improve your resistance to stress, cleanse the body of negative energies, to detox our Lymphatic System and much more…


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Bundles Class Videos

Online Class Videos specially prepared for you in several bundles so you can practice any time you want. Every video will help you to go through different phases such as anxiety, overcome obstacles, build your trust, love yourself, obtain prosperity and help you with pregnancy.

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My Music

Music is my passion. It's always been in my life and is my driving force. When other kids were playing with toys, I was always playing the piano and pretending I was performing at a concert. I used to get into a zone all on my own! This still happens now when I'm in the studio or performing at a concert. I get into a flow, in the creative zone where time stops. I get so focused listening to the breath and the musical notes. The feeling is addictive, mesmerizing, amazing, and precious. I’ve found that integrating this high vibe music into my yoga practice and my student’s practice helps us get right into that flow quickly and effortlessly

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