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Maya Fiennes "Kundalini Mantras" - Music Album

Maya Fiennes "Kundalini Mantras" - Music Album

Maya Fiennes

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Kundalini Mantras CD by Maya Fiennes offers traditional Kundalini Meditation Mantras with a contemporary style for yoga and dance movement. Composed and performed by Maya Fiennes Kundalini Mantras blends traditional Kundalini mantras with contemporary instrumentation and style. For the ultimate Kundalini music album, check out Kundaini Mantras by Maya Fiennes


  1. Ek Ong Kar (Be Happy)
  2. Ong So Hung (We Are One)
  3. Sat Nam (Energize)
  4. Har Hari (Achieve Wealth)
  5. Sa Ta Na Ma (Balancing The Hormones)
  6. Guru Guru Wahe Guru Ram Das Guru (Heal Yourself)
  7. Deep Relaxation
  8. Tune Out

It's the perfect music to accompany your Kundalini yoga practice.

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Please note: This is a downloadable MP3 album and not a physical CD. You may have to download it on a PC first and then transfer to your phone or music device. 

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