KundaDance® is a 60-minute high-intensity, fun, uplifting, cardio, dance workout. It’s a creative movement class combining Kundalini Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong.

KundaDance® takes you on a journey through the chakras actively aligning your body, mind and spirit.

Maya is teaching many KundaDance® classes in person and constantly arranging more KundaDance® lessons, events and workshops.

You can keep up with Maya on Workshops & Retreats page to see where and when she is teaching next workshop!

Energize, inspire and uplift yourself and those around you!

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Learn this unique, creative vibrant style of yoga! Join Kundalini Lounge to become a world wide KundaDance® teacher! This is your chance to make a billion people happy!

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Come and explore this unique and joyous yoga method! KundaDance® was inspired by and created from my desire to bring more joy to the world in these difficult times!

It's a combination of powerful asanas (yoga poses), pranayama (breath-work), Qigong and Tai chi. KundaDance® is an amazing modality to shake away fears and insecurities, and cultivate more energy and vibrancy in your life!

Clearing the Chakras, stimulating the nervous system, and balancing the brain hemispheres, creating endorphins, increasing serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine, energizing and inspiring your entire being: KundaDance® Is a powerful life changing journey in which maya incorporates some gentle, slow tempo sections the body is encouraged to truly receive, and come back into balance. These pieces together, give you the full KundaDance® experience!


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  • "Everyone should do Kundadance! I did it everyday for a month, the difference was incredible. I was fitter, more flexible and awakened”

    - Vivienne Talsmat

  • “WOW I feel absolutely Amazing! Totally Unified on all levels.“  

    - Carolyn Skyes

  • “Kundadance has literally transformed my Life! For years I have been looking for a practice that combines Dance, Yoga and Breath. Finally, I’ve found it! Kundadance should be shared with Everyone. Its a MUST. Try it!”

    - Anna Shakhbazyan 

  • “I feel amazing, really grounded, balanced, very connected, clear
    and ready to face anything! Thank you Maya. Let's all Kunda!”

    - Ruu Campbell

  • “I would highly , highly recommend it! Its very energizing, uplifting.. We should all do it daily!”

    - Priya

  • ''Kundadance is the latest wellness trend to release your stress and leave you energized. Created by renowned yogi Maya Fiennes, it leaves you feeling uplifted and full of energy. Kundadance merges the energy of Kundalini yoga with uplifting music. Its a conscious exercise that aligns your chakras using easy movements in combination with Qi gong and Tai chi and high frequency healing music that is specifically composed by Maya Fiennes to release the stress in your body and let your mind remain fully alert. It’s the new way to de-stress, relax and recharge.''

    - OM magazine in UK

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