Music With Maya

As a classical pianist, Maya started yoga to help relax before concerts and to improve her musical performance. Performing to large crowds can be daunting and she wanted something to ease the pressure. It doesn’t matter what your initial reason for starting yoga is, because at some point, something else takes over and you are in it for the ‘right’ reason. Some people start to lose weight, some to gain muscle strength, and some to be part of a new trend, but in the end, it just makes you feel better.  

"Music is my passion. It's always been in my life and is my driving force. When other kids were playing with toys, I was always playing the piano and pretending I was performing at a concert. I used to get into a zone all on my own! This still happens now when I'm in the studio or performing at a concert. I get into a flow, in the creative zone where time stops. I get so focused listening to the breath and the musical notes. The feeling is addictive, mesmerizing, amazing, and precious. I’ve found that integrating this high vibe music into my yoga practice and my student’s practice helps us get right into that flow quickly and effortlessly."

- Maya Fiennes

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Maya in concert with William Close (America's Got Talent) creator of Earth Harp

Maya singing in the Studio