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Maya Fiennes "Maya Space" - Music Album

Maya Fiennes "Maya Space" - Music Album

Maya Fiennes

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This is the first album which Maya released, where she performs her own tracks. Maya's good friend Deepak Chopra makes a guest appearance on track 8, Ong Namo. Maya Space contains unique arrangements of traditional Kundalini Yoga mantras specifically created to make you feel good, renew your energy and make you smile.


1. Ad Guray Nameh
2. Ajai Alai
3. Mul Mantra
4. Ra Ma Da Sa 1
5. Across the Universe
6. Tantric Har
7. Adi Shakti
8. Ong Namo
9. Ra Ma Da Sa 2

It's the perfect music to accompany your Kundalini yoga practice.

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You can find the lyrics for the songs on Maya Space, here.

Please note: This is a downloadable MP3 album and not a physical CD. You may have to download it on a PC first and then transfer to your phone or music device. 

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