Maya Fiennes in Midlife Edit - Raising the bar on our Middle Years

Maya Fiennes in Midlife Edit - Raising the bar on our Middle Years

"In our crazy world more and more people are tuning in to the ancient practice of Kundalini yoga to keep them grounded and more at peace. Every good reason too, as research is showing the benefits of Kundalini's powerful meditative and breath-controlled kriyas for treating a range of health complaints from depression and anxiety related disorders to heart problems and memory lapses. So much so that the US Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation points to one of Kundalini's mantras -  the Kirtan Kriya (see below) as a way to improve brain function, focus and memory. 

Maya Fiennes

I first experienced Kundalini's magic in Hong Kong about 10 years ago with the enigmatic LA-based Maya Fiennes. "Kundalini,” she explains, “is the mother of yoga. It is the oldest form of yoga that works with the body’s raw energy and if not practiced correctly, is easily misused.” In essence, it's a symphony of movement with breath, meditation, music and, once attuned to the practice, quite deep thoughts. The belief is that once combined these modalities awaken latent energy (or kundalinii) that rests on the chakra at the 4th vertebra of the spine (to be precise) and guides this energy up the body to deeply empower the system. And now more than ever before it seems to have found its vibe as people are searching for answers."

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