Maya Fiennes in Soul & Spirit Magazine, January 2012

Maya Fiennes in Soul & Spirit Magazine, January 2012

Read about Maya Fiennes in the January 2012 issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine.


Yoga Master Column by Maya Fiennes

Chinese New Year Special

This month, our Kundalini yoga expert explains how to tap in to the inner strength of the dragon to recommit to your resolutions.

Place your yoga mat on the floor and position yourself in a seated posture comfortably. Focus on rhythmically pacing your breath, and come onto all fours.

Exhale and bring your left foot between your hands. Inhale, exhale, then slide the right knee back until you feel resistance in the groin of thigh area.

Lift your torso with an inhalation and bring your hands to your left knee to stay balanced. Let your right knee slowly lower to the floor and centre yourself with your breath.

Stay in position for 1-5 minutes, breathe long and deep, and then, for one minute, do the breath of fire, which is short breaths in and out through the nose.

Repeat steps 2-4 for the other side of your body.

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