Maya Fiennes in Soul & Spirit Magazine, October 2011

Maya Fiennes in Soul & Spirit Magazine, October 2011

Read Maya Fiennes' article in the October 2011 issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine.

Yoga Master column by Maya Fiennes

In her new column, the kundalini yoga teacher reveals how you can connect your mind, body and soul.

Yoga is often misunderstood in the West. Many practitioners focus on the body instead of both the body and mind together. The goal of any form of yoga is to meditate, calming yourself physically and mentally so you can receive the messages of your intuition. All answers are within, it's simply a matter of gaining access to them, which is where this practice comes in. It's a pathway, and when you align yourself to your deeper truth, you allow your mind and body to work in harmony with your full potential.

You may be filled with thoughts, ideas and belief systems that don't belong to you, making it extremely challenging to know what is real and what is not. Everyone is unique. We all have specific gifts and talents. You need to hone yours and allow them to shine, but in order to do this, it's vital to uncover who you are and what you really feel, not just your habtiual feelings or conditional thinking.

As you walk through each day, you are constantly interacting with energy of all kinds. It is up to you to keep your instrument - your body - clean and clear of any undesired energy. Kundalini yoga provides an avenue to do this. What's more, it is also a phenomenal workout and total body rejuvenator.

A doorway into inner peace
Asanas - the yoga postures - can open up the body, still the mind and create a clarity that is already natural to your being, but rarely allowed in our manic society. Kundalini yoga can help you achieve this clarity through a combination of asanas, mantras and breathing to create a powerful, intense and magnificent release, so that clarity is all that is left.

It works with the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing your nerves to function properly and keeping you calm and relaxed, thus attracting wonderful situations and experiences into your life. Your natural state of being is one of peace. It is simply up to you to remember this and take action to ensure this reality is yours to enjoy. Kindalini us a doorway - one you might just want to walk through!


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