Maya Fiennes in You Magazine Apr 2009

Maya Fiennes in the April 2009 issue of You Magazine.

Greetings from La-la Land!
Normandie Keith

We knew LA would suit Normandie Keith, who moved there last year. As her note to YOU (and you!) confirms, our former beauty guru has taken to the perma-sunshine and out-there treatments like a movie star to a Beverly Hills pool...


I also now study kundalini yoga, which I adore. This is a physical and meditative discipline, a set of techniques that focus on psychospiritual growth and the body's potential for maturation. I study it with Maya Fiennes (another British export and sister-in-law of Ralph and Joseph) - a concert pianist, clothing designer, style guru extraordinaire, and who, as well as being a brilliant yoga teacher, is a wonderful mother and friend. For my birthday last week all my girlfriends and their children took Finn and me camping in Santa Barbara, and then to Ojai, the most spiritual place in California where there are pure mineral-water springs - we all jumped jubilantly! We did a lot of meditation and yoga, with Maya singing and beautiful music playing. The thing about kundalini yoga, especially with Maya, is that it doesn't feel like a work-out. It just feels like an hour spent celebrating our bodies, right down to all those incredible cells working together.





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