World Changer June 2018 - Gandhi's BE Magazine

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Maya Fiennes
Master Yogi & Author
Seeing Through the Eyes of Love
"As a mother, musician, composer, yogi, and author of “Yoga for Real Life,” my approach to yoga is about using the tools that yoga offers in day-to-day life. Everything in life we have to experience fully. We create our lives, we paint our canvas, we write our scenario, we direct it, and we act in it. This process has a beginning, middle and end. And that’s what people get each time they come to my yoga class.
Yoga literally means “union.” As we practice yoga, we come to experience union through the principles of “ahimsa” or nonviolence itself: love and truth. In yoga, we embrace love and truth both for ourselves and our bodies as well as in our relationships with others and the world around us. And as we step off of our yoga mats and back into the real world, we learn how to live the practice of loving everything.
In this day and age, it’s hard to love everything because there are constantly things to be upset about, but my advice is to fake it till you make it. The question we may all face at times is: “How To Love Everything?” There are so many things that can get us feeling, somewhat less than loving. Long queues at the supermarket, bank or post office, someone cutting us off in traffic or honking at us for no apparent reason, someone having a bad day and projecting it onto us, etc.
When we consciously make an effort to see everything through the eyes of love and to project feelings of love even when we don’t feel like it and even if the other person seems like they don’t deserve it, then we will start to see wonderful things happen."