Meditation for Calmness (Week 1 of 5) - Meditation With Maya

Meditation for Calmness (Week 1 of 5) - Meditation With Maya

Welcome to Meditation With Maya. Today we kick off a 5-week meditation program I have prepared for you with love, for a better you.

Meditation is where we have a chance to make everything quiet so that we are finally able to hear what is important. To get in touch with ourselves. And to make everything OK again.

Join me on this journey, and please get in touch and let me know how you get on.


Meditation With Maya, Week 1 - Meditation For Calmness

When you feel your head is exploding from too many thoughts (the chatter),
do this: -

meditation with maya fiennes meditation for calmness

Breathe long and deep for 11 minutes (this is ideally the goal, but you can start with 3 minutes and build up to 11 minutes).

You might feel pain in the arms, frustration, anger... your mind will tell you to stop, but try to break through it and you will experience bliss, emptiness, calmness.


Till next week...

Love of love

Maya x

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