Meditation For Healing (Week 3 of 5) - Meditation With Maya

Meditation For Healing (Week 3 of 5) - Meditation With Maya

Hello again friends,

This is week 3 of the special meditation program I have prepared and this week is a fun but rather important one.

Meditation for Healing

This meditation consists of 8 basic sounds:


This sound current captures the radiant healing energy of the Cosmos and brings it to you.

Place your hands like so:

maya fiennes meditation for healing 

Inhale deeply.

As you exhale chant with monotone voice RAA MAA DAA SAA , SAA SAY SO HUNG, but, pull IN the Navel Point powerfully on SO and HUNG.

Keep repeating this cycle for 11 min.

Please get in touch and let me know how you found this meditation sequence.

Lots of love

Maya x

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