Yoga For A Healthy Gut - Mondays With Maya

Yoga For A Healthy Gut - Mondays With Maya

Hi there, friends,

All of us at some point have suffered from digestive issues, whether chronically (i.e. IBS) or seasonal (i.e. Thanksgiving gorging). A lot of emotional issues can also manifest themselves as gut problems and so taking care of our gut is something we shouldn't take lightly. Whatever your reason to want to take care of your gut, here is a short and gentle yet effective yoga sequence for you to do for healing or preventative measures.

Yoga For Healthy Gut

This is a great set for maintaining a healthy gut. 

1. Windmills

Stand in windmill position.

maya fiennes healthy gut

Then bend forward and twist to the left.

maya fiennes healthy gut

  • Come back to windmill. 
  • Keep twisting only to the left for 1 minute. 
  • Then repeat the same but twisting to the right for 1 minute.
  • Continue the same motion but alternating sides for another 2 minutes.
  • Pause for 5 seconds when you come down to each side.

    2. Side Bends

    maya fiennes healthy gut

    maya fiennes healthy gut

    • Starting from Windmill, bend from side to side holding for 5 seconds each side. 
    • Continue for 1 minute.

      3. Standing Torso Twists

      maya fiennes yoga healthy gut

      maya fiennes yoga healthy gut
      • Starting from windmill, twist the torso all the way to the left, then back to the original position, then twist all the way to the right.
      • Hold for 2-3 seconds per side.
      • Continue for 1 minute.

      That's all for now, friends - try this out and let me know how you get on!

      Love of love,

      Maya x

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      Kundalini makes my life better thank you maya


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