Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? - Mondays with Maya

Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself? - Mondays with Maya

Happy Monday!

As you know, I love Mondays! I view them as a more official opportunity to start fresh, get creative and perhaps even reinvent yourself! We all face times of reinvention, personally and professionally - I know I have many, many times! This is why I wanted to share an authentic interview I just did with my friends, Veronica Krestow and Jason Frahm, who invited me to be a part of a profound interview series, where I discuss those difficult periods in my life, and how I got through them. Have a watch! 

Reinvent Yourself - Mondays with Maya

My advice to anyone who has a passion and wants to work towards it but is scared or worried that they missed their window, is that it's never too late to start anew or to follow your dreams. If you are ready to manifest your dreams into reality, you have to really visualize what you desire, focus on it, and enjoy the process! We are all energy and based on vibrations. The frequencies that you create will generate the outcome. So what vibrations are you sending out?

Contact me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook, or by commenting below, if you want to learn more about preparing your mind, body, and soul to start finally manifesting your desires. 

Love of love,

Maya x

P.S. You can find the classes referred to at the end of the interview here.

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