Chakra Tuning and Benefits of Yoga with Rachel Hunter - Mondays With Maya

Chakra Tuning and Benefits of Yoga with Rachel Hunter - Mondays With Maya

Hello fellow yogis!

I've got a treat for you today! I spent a wonderful day doing yoga with my lovely friend, Rachel Hunter! We went over the benefits of yoga and also did quick-fix chakra tuning, and recorded the whole thing for you take part as well!

Benefits of Yoga with Rachel Hunter - Mondays With Maya

Yoga has many benefits as we all know. Rachel says that at first she just viewed yoga as a workout but before long, she realized that it was way more than that. The meditative process made her pass through emotions, going in a class one way and coming out another. It brings out emotions, inspiration, and creativity, and releases fear and anxiety. It brings serenity as well as physically providing benefits. Physically, it cures her back pain but the main benefit is the connection of the spiritual, mental and physical energy. Rachel's been so busy with Rachel's Tour of Beauty (season one finished last year and season 2 will be released at different times in the coming months worldwide), but she always manages to make a little time for herself to do yoga.

Quick Fix Chakra Tuning with Rachel Hunter and Maya Fiennes

We did a quick-fix chakra tuning, for the days where you don't have a full hour to practice yoga. We chose one position for each chakra so you can choose a chakra you want to work on for the day, do your 10-minute quick fix, and you're ready to go! Enjoy!

Maya Fiennes and Rachel Hunter

For more on what Rachel's been up to, check out her Youtube channel.

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Have a great day!


Maya x

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oh my gosh,that chakra session with Rachel was so good,made me feel so alive in my body. Ive been working these past few months and Im so happy to have found Maya’s website because I love practicing yoga. Thank you.

Jillian Oliver

Loved this & so love Miss Hunter..Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model..
Thank you for making my day & getting me back on track


Great inspiration?! Yoga some minutes daily life, love it☘! Maya, fantastic teacher??!

Tone N. Aabø

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