Gaining Confidence with Designer Bonnie Young - Mondays With Maya

Gaining Confidence with Designer Bonnie Young - Mondays With Maya

Hello again, everyone!

When I was in Paris for Paris Fashion Week I caught up with my friend, fashion designer Bonnie Young and we got to chatting about fashion, color, confidence and of course, yoga!

Gaining Confidence with Designer Bonnie Young - Mondays With Maya

I spoke about how to be confident a couple of weeks back but I wanted to dwell on it a little more. Bonnie is a big believer, as am I, that adding color to your wardrobe can make you feel confident.

"When a woman dresses well and feels beautiful she walks in a room and feels confident and everybody feels it because it's an energy thing that flows out to everybody and it really makes a difference."

- Bonnie Young

Bonnie has written a book, a photography journal called Colours of the Vanishing Tribes with a forward by Donna Karan about various tribes that are disappearing around the world which she started when she noticed that in various countries different minority and tribal groups were wearing different colors and she was inspired by the various meanings behind those colors.


In addition to wearing strong colors, whenever I need an extra boost of confidence, I just repeat to myself the mantra SAT NAM, SAT NAM, SAT NAM... and that always helps me. Give it a try!

About Bonnie Young

Bonnie Young is a photographer/creative director, author, and curator of museum exhibitions featuring her photography, collection of tribal costumes, and jewelry. She is the founder of Fashion Fights for Children’s Rights, an initiative to support the broad medical needs of children and was honored for her work on behalf of Solving Kids Cancer. She has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and started her career at Ralph Lauren after graduating from Cornell University.

Joining Donna Karan in 1992, Young was based in Milan, heading inspiration and international fabric development. After the Donna Karan Company was acquired by LVMH in 2000, Young was named Creative Director of Collection and returned to New York. After seven years, she left the company for a singular new venture – to open her own company, a luxury level collection for children She opened her own store in Aspen which quickly attracted global editorial coverage and high profile collaborations with Adidas and Swarovski.

Bonnie loves yoga and does Jivamukti Yoga every day, even on the day she gave birth to her second child! She lives in Manhattan with her husband and three children.

What do you do when you need an extra confidence boost? Is there anything in particular you've found that works for you? Please share!


Maya x

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